Kellie’s Gift Picks Under $20

The gift giving season’s here! Have you thought of what gifts to get for each person on your list? My husband and I actually don’t exchange gifts. Our tradition has always been to get one thing that the both of us can use and appreciate. It’s like a his and hers gift kinda thingy. 

For example, one yr we got a 47″ TV and last yr we got the Canon 5d mark ii. This yr, we are thinking of getting a computer with more hard drive space to store all my gazillion pics and videos! Our current computer isn’t cutting it anymore.

So if you think that I’m going to boast about my newly acquired Chanel bag or diamond earrings after Dec. 25th, that ain’t happening. I mean, shouldn’t those be  everyday, just b/c gifts anyways?!! Just kiddinggggg.

But I know that many of you don’t follow the same tradition so I’ve compiled 10 gifts that are $20 & UNDER for all the peeps on your list.

(Don’t you just LOVE my aqua-mint(ish) chevron x-mas tree?!)

Inside scoop: 

1. The Gospel According To Coco Chanel– I just recently got this hardcover book. I haven’t read it yet…what was meant to be a great passing time read for Thanksgiving travel didn’t happen b/c Jetblue had TV (LOVE!). I’m sure the content is just as FAB as the stylish cover! Sold at Amazon for $12.66. Great for the fashionistas in your life. Perhaps a gift for yourself too?!

2. Voluspa Suede Blanc Candle– Absolutely LOVE Voluspa candles for their gorgeous packaging and relaxing scents. What better way to unwind after a hectic day than to light a candle, read a book (like the one above), and sip tea by the fireplace?! Talk about luxury living on a dime.  Available at Nordstroms for $16. 

3. C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm– A great stocking stuffer for anyone. I can’t stand dry, cracked lips and I would totally get my hubs this in a heartbeat! Keep your lips moisturized during the windy, cold wintery months…please! At Bigelowchemists for $7.50.

4. The Glass Teapot by David’s Tea– I am a self proclaimed TEA LOVER. I just recently discovered David’s Tea and might be falling head over heels for their tea accessories. This teapot is so amazingly perfect for allowing your loose leaf or flower blooming teas to shine through. Comes with a removable strainer and will set you back $19.50. Available at David’s Tea. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this gift. 

5. Tommy Tickle Soft Sole Shoes– If you need to shop for a new mommy/baby, you can stop here. Zoey has the ice cream ones and I SWEAR they are MY (speaking for myself, not for Zoey) favorite of all the shoes that she owns (plenty). Great quality (leather upper) and comfy for those gentle baby’s feet. You can see Zoey wearing them here. All kinds of designs for both baby boy and girl. At Kohl’s for $20. Currently, buy 2 get 1 FREE. 

6. Organic North African Mint Tea– Also from David’s Tea. My MOST favorite flavor tea for the winter months is anything minty. Just so refreshing and heart warming. A great gift for all the tea addicts in your life. $7.00 for 50g at David’s

7. Moonshadow Trio Eyeshadows– Another great stocking stuffer. These Sephora brand eyeshadows are so perfect for the holidays with their sparkly colors. A few combinations to choose from at $7/each. The bronze, blue, and purple combo is my fav. At Sephora’s

8. Monogrammed Mugs– Have a person on your list and have no idea what to gift them? I think this is the perfect choice. Available at Anthropologie for $6/each. 

9. Ultimate Dessert Truffles– Who doesn’t love truffles?!! This Godiva box consists of 6 flavors- red velvet cake, chocolate eclair, chocolate lava cake, creme brulee, tiramisu, and strawberry creme tarte. YUMMO. At Godiva for $15.

10. Le Zoe Scribbles Art Prints– Last but not least, for those artsy people in your life, these 8″x10″ art prints will help spruce up any space in the home or office. Whether you are a beauty junkie, coffee addict, free spirit, tea lover, hopelessly in love, or currently have baby fever, there’s an art print perfect for all your healthy obsessions! Designed by yours truly. To see how these prints look in my office, click here. $12.50 and available here. (Please order by Dec. 17th)

If you felt that I’ve used the words LOVE and perfect too loosely, I apologize, but I really do LOVE all the things on my list and they are all just perfect!

Which gift pick is your favorite? Please share!

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13 thoughts on “Kellie’s Gift Picks Under $20

  1. Great post! I LOVE that glass teapot! So gorgeous!! It’s a great idea to buy a shared Christmas present too…something that you can both enjoy together.


  2. That was SUCH a great post and, first of all, I MUST now have chocolate. Secondly, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel sounds way better than the fashion book I bought one daughter–I think I need to switch them.


  3. My boyfriend and I sometimes do that too. One year we bought a double bed and a 32″ flat screen TV and the stand to match it. We bought both because at the time we weren’t living in the same house. Now that I live with his family, it is something both of us use and can appreciate. You had a good idea with this post. I wanted to do one about stocking fillers but since my sister reads my blog I can’t do it. It would ruin the suprise of what is in her stocking (we decided to give each other stockings this year)


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