OK. DEEP breaths. I don’t write sport posts b/c honestly, I’d rather eat some crispy bacon and a tub of cotton candy than go run 1/4th a mile. Can you sense my athleticism? 

But this sports-related post is unique b/c it involves my three little nephews. Do I have any golf addicts here? Well, this post is dedicated to you gents. And you thought I would never have a male-dedicated post…

My nephews have been playing golf since they were 5 (now 10, 12, and 12) and have won their fair shares of trophies. B/w the three of them, they have competed in US Kids Golf, AAU, and Eagle Golf Tournaments on regional, state, and national levels. Recently, Tyler was invited to compete in the Mediterranean Open Venice, Italy 2012 hosted by US Kids Golf. 

Hard to believe, I’ve NEVER EVER seen them play! Yes, pretty shameful of me!! But this past Thanksgiving, while I was in FL, I had a chance to witness these boys in action for the first time ever! Of course, this experience had to be documented. 

And obviously, these boys were dressed to the nines thanks to Mr. A Wallace of LoudMouth for sending them a collection of golfing apparel. “The most recognizable brand in the golf industry”- via, LoudMouth is meant for those who love to play LOUDLY! 

Weston Hills Country Club (30 mins away from Miami) is their 2nd home as they come here to golf at least 5 times a week. While boys their age go play w/ their friends after school or are glued to their Wii’s, my nephews hit golf balls like there’s no tomorrow.

And that’s not all that they are great at, they still maintain their honor rolls every report card.  I have to say, my sisters have done an AMAZING job w/ their boys. Disciplined and always on their A game, these boys are pretty fierce!

Here they are… Taye, Tyler, and Kolby w/ Uncle Larry!

That day, I witnessed them play a 9 hole game. (This terminology is new to me and means absolutely … nothing!) My sister asked me to reserve Tee Time for the boys and I asked her what kind of teas and pastries were served at the golf club. Yeah, that’s how much I know about golf. 

And what is this monster doing covering my nephews golf things?!

Meet Tyler. Don’t let his cute smile fool you! He is all poker face on the golf course. 

Taye is the youngest of the bunch. Also the most carefree and playful. His LoudMouth outfit depicts his fun personality to a T. 

And here’s my sweet Zoey in her too cute for words Janie & Jack one piece! How LONG is her hair?!

And here’s my golfing gear. Jeggings + sandals. LOVING my lilac colored toes! (Hey…I have to make it interesting for my fashionista readers!!)

The crew…Tyler looks like he’s in for some serious business!

And then there’s us. Just chilling and looking cute!

Tyler is reserved and quiet. What do you think about his LoudMouth outfit fitting his personality? 

I guess they call these golf clubs? 

We were in Florida after all. Doesn’t matter that it’s November. 

Zoey trying to reach for that yellow flag. 

Taye in action. 

Kolby’s ensemble. 

Too cute…

Kolby in action. 

Tyler in action. 

Uncle Larry is wearing LoudMouth’s Naughty Cards Khaki. 

Kolby is a very fierce competitor. He strives for the BEST each time. It’s so well fitting that we picked this red LoudMouth outfit. 

Just want to squeeze her silly!

Whew!! That’s enough golfing for me!

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13 thoughts on “LoudMouth

  1. this is awesome! i am not athletic either ((although sometimes i try to be)) we took a golf course in high school and i hated it & failed it – but i DID enjoy this post!


  2. You are hilarious!!! You know what I got dragged into playing golf this summer and it’s actually pretty fun….. aaand there are some great outfits that you can wear on the course.


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