My Holiday Tablescape!

In preparation for our holiday dinner party tomorrow, yesterday I went grocery shopping. Today, I worked on completely decluttering the house and setting up our dining table (minus the dinnerware). I created a tablescape that’s super simple, organic, and festive.

And to be honest, it didn’t cost me a penny. I gathered everything from what we already had from yrs past. Except for the fresh pine, of course!

holiday tablescape6Here’s my little arrangement. You really don’t have to inherit Martha Stewart’s genetics to do this!

holiday tablescape7

I added these teeny tiny iridescent glass ornaments to the pine needles. They look like little magical bubbles!

holiday tablescape5I knew that I wanted something fresh, organic, and appropriate for the season. What fits the bill better than pine and its pine cones? The scent of fresh pine is AH-MAZING!

holiday tablescapeAnd this is how it all came together! We are still in the midst of redecorating our home. Once it’s all said and done, I will share more sections of our space. I absolutely ADORE our white chandelier. It’s whimsical, modern, and so chic! And the miniature white lights around our windows are just so romantic and fun. 

holiday tablescape4And don’t forget to add extra loose ornaments to the table. No rhyme or reason here. Just place wherever your heart desires!

holiday tablescape8Believe it or not, I have some flameless (battery operated) candle action going on. Isn’t annoying that the tiny tealights run out before dinner is over? This way, you avoid that problem! Not to mention, it’s much safer. Especially, with a nosy energizer bunny (Ms. Zoey) running around the house. 

holiday tablescape2The only things left for me to do are to make truffles and set our little dessert table! That’s for tomorrow. Can’t wait for the yummy dinner (by the hubs), great company, perfect ambiance, and holiday music whispering in the background!

Oh yeah…and to put Zoey in the cutest holiday party dress! More pics to share!

Enjoy your weekend!



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