A Holiday Affair

Just want to share some pics from our holiday dinner over the weekend…

It was nighttime, so lighting wasn’t ideal…I absolutely despise shooting at night b/c lighting is so poor! 

holiday affair


holiday affair2Plates of many little nibbles. Zoey always has to be part of the action!

holiday affair3Loving our clear coffee table. Def. a space maximizer. 

holiday affair8My husband made dinner. Pan seared duck (in butter) w/ blueberry sauce and sides of roasted mushrooms, potatoes, shallots, and brussel sprouts. 

holiday affair7Our friends were kind enough to bring sparkling cider and a basket of holiday yummies!

holiday affair9Fine food and great company. Can’t ask for more than that! 

holiday affair6My little dessert & tea station. 

holiday affair95I made some truffles in 4 yummy flavors! 

holiday affair96Including green tea…

holiday affair4Zoey tiptoeing for some treats…

holiday affair5So guilty!

holiday affair97Chocolate dipped biscotti. 

holiday affair92Uncle Frank created this snowflake latte art. 

holiday affair93holiday affair94I enjoyed my desserts w/ tea. It was YUM.

Enjoy your holiday dinner parties! 



27 thoughts on “A Holiday Affair

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you could have duck with blueberry sauce! I didn’t know you could have any meat with blueberry sauce! And all the pictures look so warm and wintery! Love your tea station. The branches with pearl-like balls were soo pretty~


  2. I was about to go to bed and than i came across this beautiful blog post…wow is all i can say. The pictures are so heart warming. And that dessert! Mmm


  3. I love that tea station! What a great idea!! And the dinner looked DELICIOUS. Where did you get those demitasse cups? I’ve been trying to find some like that and haven’t met my match!


  4. Beautiful! Inspiriting! No typo there… Thanks for the incredible photos and the heartfelt greetings and inspiring ideas. I’m gonna do the little table with plates underneath and platters on top for dessert-time! Great idea!


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