Navoh ‘Crystal’ CC Case

Ever since mommyhood welcomed me, I’m often found leaving the house schlepping an entire suitcase filled w/ baby diapers, wipes, extra clothes (bibs, socks), baby food, cremes, etc. No longer are the days where I can just grab my average sized handbag and go wherever my heart desires at any given moment. You never know when the baby might barf all over herself AND her carseat during a 2hr drive to a cranberry festival (true story)

However, since Zoey has surpassed the infancy stage, I can leave her w/ daddy for a few hours during the weekend and roam the city, solo. Of course during these exhilarated times when I am free from any sort of mommyhood duties, I take advantage and only carry the bare necessities. This includes my ID, debit card, cash (maybe), and lip gloss/lip balm. This is when my NAVOH ‘Crystal” Credit Card Case comes in handy. 

navoh crystal case5This faux crystal credit card case (c/o Navoh) is sooo fancy, stylish, minimal, AND compact. Just what a mommy who craves freedom from heavy cargo needs! 

navoh crystal case3I also use this case for quick runs to the supermarket. Grab and throw in a crossbody bag and you don’t need to worry that you’ve forgotten something!

navoh crystal case2Any late night club goers? This case is perfect for those dancing nights when you don’t want to carry a giant tote. I know, I can relate…I USED to be one of those cool gals. But that was a lifetime ago. A VERY LONG lifetime ago…

navoh crystal caseAnd for all you last minute gifters, this credit card case (magnetic closure) makes a great gift for all the women in your life! Comes in 4 cool colors including royal blue, red, blush, and black. 

navoh crystal case4You can find these NAVOH ‘Crystal’ Credit Card Cases at Nordstrom for $38! Free shipping + Free returns. Order by Dec 21st for Christmas Eve delivery. There’s still time…

Click here to see color options. 

Have a GREAT Monday!!



15 thoughts on “Navoh ‘Crystal’ CC Case

  1. OOh Zoe I love your name and thanks for the shout out. Good luck with mummyhood as Im finding my bundle of nieces and nephew (3 of them) such a handful these days.


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