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Deck The Walls

Love Christmas trees but don’t have the space or time to take care of a real one? Deck your walls instead! Below are some unique and neat ideas. There’s still time…

Images roundup from my Pinterest board, Holiday.

Click on image for source.Β 


208995238929278590_OY8uAMNi_c208995238929469730_PwL9JI1X_c208995238929469777_9RBeoWBl_c208995238929278594_7xzzn877_c208995238929469734_HX6HbJde_c208995238929469745_kZwsuB5J_c208995238929469749_T3nGvfX3_c208995238929278592_KIEmjOb0_cAs you can see, you can make it as generic or personal as you’d like. The possibilities are endless and are only limited to your imagination. Soo fun and very festive!

I may consider doing this next yr. Would you?




  1. Jeesh, I think you’ve just created a demon with this post!!! I ADORE it and will definitely do this next year!! Wonderful.


  2. This Merry Life

    These are fantastic… people are so creative! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  3. Reblogged this on A Mere Mortal … and commented:
    This is just too good not to share! Absolutely love this idea for an X’mas tree wall.
    Definitely gives AMM some ideas when he shifts into his flat sometime (hopefully) next year.


  4. this is so cool!!! thanks for sharing! definitely gives me a few ideas of when I have my own place that I can do decorating!


  5. What a great idea! Never thought of it. We’re going to be at a ski resort this Christmas, I might be able to implement this. Thanks!


  6. Lauren

    These are so creative! Fortunately, I have space for a real tree, but these would be great for tight spaces.


  7. I love the first one! The logs made it look so nice! And if you make it thicker, maybe you can store other things on normal days!


  8. They are all so clever but that first one (softly lit) is gorgeous! Unfortunately, all my walls are (creatively!) filled!!!! Super ideas! Christmas Blessings, Doreen


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