Printed Tee

Are you a fan of printed tees? I don’t usually wear too many graphics but when I saw this one at H&M, it was instant connection. Cute but not too crazy and I can see it being super stylish too!

printed tee4Since my daughter was born in the Year of the Cat (based on the Vietnamese calendar), I’ve had an affinity to kitty things. 

printed tee2I can splurge on a handbag but can never do the same with clothes. I don’t take care of them well enough. Everything goes in the washer – no differentiation b/w light vs dark garments. Warm cycle and it’s all set. Dry clean? Such a foreign language. 

Stay FAB!



10 thoughts on “Printed Tee

  1. I’m the same. I’m useless at taking care of clothing – I will splash out on shoes or bags though.. or makeup hehe xx


  2. I love the tee. I’m so careless with my laundry, too. I just throw everything in. If it says dry clean or hand wash I don’t buy it.


  3. Cute Tee.. the skirt is awesome!
    I’m with you..I don’t splurge on clothing because I’m not very skilled at the art of doing “laundry” (I just shove everything in the wash). xo Natasha


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