Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!! We’ve been away for the past week and just got back yesterday night. The plan was to update with some new posts from our trip but I was greeted home with a computer full of virus and none of our browsers were working! To me not having access to the web is probably far worst than not having a phone.

So now, I’m currently working remotely off of my husband’s office computer and there’s like a 2 sec delay. So painful. Talk about stone age…

Update on our festive X-mas Eve night later (church, X-mas carols, & dinner). For now, here are some holiday pics from our trip to Atl, taken at the in laws’ crib.

merry xmasmerry xmas3merry xmas4It looks like we might actually have a white Christmas tomorrow! So lucky.

merry xmas2Poor Zoey. She hasn’t been feeling her best for the past week and is now finally recovering. It has been extremely tough traveling with a child who’s been under the weather. I hope that no parents have to go through this.

But thank goodness she’s all well (almost) for tomorrow!

Have a GREAT X-Mas everyone! I hope that you’ll get whatever it is that you’ve wished for.  For me, it’s all about being with loved ones and so THANKFUL that everyone is in good health & spirits. And if I’m REALLY being honest, I also wouldn’t mind the Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet… in all sorts of colors! Hunnie…are you reading?



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