Christmas Dinner

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well! Today’s one of those days where I should be super lazy, stay in bed, watch reality shows, and sip on some eggnog. It’s been raining nonstop since yesterday night…gloomy and cold. I’m so grateful for our Xmas tree and window lights, they make the house so warm and cozy.

This morning has been a busy one. Grocery shopping was priority on the list and then getting and wrapping presents for Z’s teachers. A few days late but we’ve been away for a while and she hasn’t seen her teachers since.

This Xmas for us was one that was very different and nontraditional. Usually, we would spend the day with either his family or mine. Due to the hubs work schedule, we had to fly back on the 23rd. Went to a Xmas service on the eve and on Xmas day, we enjoyed dinner at a French restaurant, Miel, at the Intercontinental Hotel. It was so nice…just the 3 of us. Away from all of our other loved ones but felt adequate b/c we had each other!

xmas dinner4On Xmas eve, we donned red. So for Xmas day, the color scheme was burgundy, black, white, and similar shades in b/w.

xmas dinner8My husband is a VERY minimalist person. The only piece of jewelry he’ll wear is his wedding band (sometimes, not even as seen in the pic!). He’s usually in his sweater / slacks attire for work so seeing him all dressed up was very nice!

xmas dinner3I can’t believe how grown she looks in this pic! Time truly flies.

xmas dinner7xmas dinner92The hotel was very quiet. It seems like the only people there were diners like us. Felt like we had the entire lobby to ourselves.

xmas dinner95Zoey LOVES phones. Can you see her climbing the table?!

xmas dinner2My entire outfit was from H&M. LOVE that store! Shoes by Isola, glass clip earrings by Givenchy, and a Gucci tote for all the baby things.

xmas dinner6I absolutely ADORE this pic of Z. Love how she twirls her dress!

xmas dinnerI wish that everyone can have the chance to experience parenthood. It’s one of the most amazing and humbling gift.

xmas dinner5xmas dinner93Holiday lights softly lit the entire hotel. Beautiful.

xmas dinner96Zoey loved the fireplace.

xmas dinner9At dinner, we enjoyed French dishes such as porcini soup, seared fois gras, baked oysters, etc. Lighting in the dining room was too dark to capture the yumminess although I did take some on my phone which I may post via instagram later.

As a tradition in Provence, 13 desserts were served (as seen on table above) on Xmas day. As we were leaving Zoey made a fit b/c she wanted more grapes.

xmas dinner91On our way out, Z twirls w/ daddy!

Thanks for allowing me to share our special Xmas dinner w/ you. Loving her foot action- she’s a natural!

Happy holidays!



17 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner

  1. Zoe steals the show here, you know! Lovely blog; had a great time visiting. Still wondering what to make of mine. . . thanks for visiting collardgreensprincess.


  2. kellie

    i love your pictures. how did you shoot them? I set my camera on manual with an f/5.6 I love the blurred background but my subject isn’t as crisp as yours. I really love the photo of Zoe and her dad. if you can give me an tid bits of what your settings were (ISO, f stop and shutter speed) when you shot that it would be greatly appreciated.


  3. All so beautiful! Zoe looks like she is all perked back up from the droopies of a few posts back πŸ™‚ What a disciplined blogger you are, posting away through the holidays so diligently!


  4. Great Pics! Z, I love your boots, I know you would mind sharing. You of course look pretty as always. Kind regards you, and the family. Mtetar


      1. Kellie, the very same to you, and the family. I hope little Ms Z is feeling so much better now. Kind regards to all. Be Blessed, Mtetar


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