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Can someone enlighten me as to how one could walk in shoes like these?

heelless3heellessheelless2Contoured Wedge by Giuseppe Zanotti. Would you dare try strutting in them? To some fashion-obsessed, these may be shoegasm. To me, just a little odd.

Have a GREAT Monday! We’re hitting the city w/ my sister who’s in town from Miami. She’s in for some weather shocker.




  1. I stumbled onto your blog and it seems really cool! I’m a mommy to a toddler boy myself, and your little one is adorable! I have to give major kudos to the photographer.

    Seeing those shoes reminds me of some tv/movie with aliens, where the alien’s legs bent in the opposite direction as ours do. Maybe they have a shot at walking in those things.


  2. They do look dangerous but I’ve heard they are very comfy)) sounds crazy you should be totally obsessed to be actually walking in those,but they look pretty sweet for some ”sit sown” events)


  3. Aja

    They do not look very comfortable (I still want them despite that) but I am sure that if you tried to walk in them you would succeed.


  4. GiRRL_Earth

    I’d rather dance en pionte (and I do) than wear these shoes. :-/


  5. i saw a pair like these on a TV show and wondered if I saw them wrong – but nope, they didn’t have any heels! Weird.


  6. I love the bright punch of color and the fact that they’re super unique…walking in them would definitely be a different story though!


  7. suite7beautytalk

    I’ve always wondered about shoes like these, I’m sure I’d topple over in the store just trying to put them on… they’d make pretty bookholders tho.


  8. anonymousmallu

    I find that these shoes look very unattractive. I personally love the look of the traditional pumps. Heels make any shoes look sexy.


  9. I always wonder that too when I see them. I have seen pics of people wearing them and heard they are easy/comfy to wear. I’d try some on to see. I don’t know if I would actually purchase a pair though.


  10. Sherri Ohler

    Ha! I’ve wondered the same thing.:) Have fun with your sis!


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