Sister, Food, And Driving

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well! It’s been nice hanging out w/ my sister, C, for the last couple of days. We hosted two great dinners for her and her hubs. The food was AH-MAZING, all prepared and cooked by my husband.

Today was her last day here and we had some early morning sister bonding time alone…w/o the husbands or Zoey. We talked about my life in Boston and her life in Florida. All this happened while I was driving like a wreck after taking the wrong exit. I hate getting lost and not knowing where I’m going, especially at no u-turns, one way streets, and roundabout intersections. You wouldn’t typically see these type of roads in Miami but in Boston, it’s an entirely different story.

Anyhow, below are snapshots via instagram of the past 4 days. Highlights were the sashimi variety, seared truffle fois gras, monster lobster, and the wine bottle sent from CA, thanks to one of the hubs business colleagues. Oh, silly me, and the gorgeous, to live for YSL lipcolor that my sister, X, got for me. LOVE.



If you are wondering why the Chinese newspaper background, it’s b/c we usually line our table w/ newspapers when we eat a big, messy meal. Wrap everything up w/ newspaper after you’re done and clean up is stress-free. Surely, we’re not the only people in the whole entire world who does this, right?

And now back to my getting lost, driving story…

Since becoming a mother, my anxiety level has tri-fold. Actually, I don’t ever remember being so anxious during my pre-motherhood era. It gets 10x worse with me being behind the wheels…in Boston (back home in Fl, I’m fine…& probably in any other city). And me, behind the wheels WITH Zoey screaming in the backseat? Forget it. That doesn’t ever happen. Anxiety level would skyrocket. Situation AVOIDED.

I like to memorize EXACTLY how to get to my destination. If given a detour, I’m dead meat.

So it was quite interesting being in the car w/ my out of town sister this morning. She was trying to calm me down and forced me to turn left on a red light b/c I swear that light was red for 30 mins (no lie). “Turn or get stuck forever, that’s what she said (imagine my stress level). And yes, I even had to call my husband so he can talk me through turning on and operating my navigation system. Those navigation stresses me out more than anything.  Do they even work?!

And you would think that my husband would have better and more important things to do at work than calming down his crazy wife and giving her tutorials on how to operate her cell phone navigation. After all, it was only Costco that we were heading to.

It was her idea to go. She wanted to get Zoey the Vitamix. Turns out they didn’t carry the Vitamix 5200 Deluxe so she spent $0 and me, the one who didn’t need anything, spent nearly $200. Go figure.

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Have a GREAT night!


7 thoughts on “Sister, Food, And Driving

  1. I had to laugh. I was just visiting my sister in san Diego, we were making a quick stop at Costco for Fage. As we entered the store, she barked out “last time here you had me spend $500 on a VitaMix that I do not even use”! Ah sisterly love.


  2. My parents, and later I picked up the habit, used newspaper as tablecloth too. Is it an Asian thing? Hahaha…we don’t let ANYthing to go to waste. Reuse and recycle 🙂

    Wow! That lobster is HUGE! So happy you have great family time. It is precious. Enjoy!


  3. This totally sounds like both my sister and I, we are both direction-ally challenged, and we also call the hub during these times like if they don’t have anything better to do.


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