All Things Abode

It feels like I haven’t written a post on home decor in a LONG time.  I love me a smartly decorated space. One that boasts both function & aesthetics and is pretty much gender neutral. Neither too feminine nor masculine.

For me, it’s not about big square footage. It’s more about maximizing the functionality of the space provided while maintaining visual appeal. And of course, another HUGE for me…plenty of natural light. Something that I wished my home had A LOT more of!

Below is a collection of home designs that I adore (from my pinterest board, Abode). No particular theme here – just a general all things abode related sorta deal. I’ll share with you one or two highlighted pieces from each room and why they made it onto my drool-worthy design list.

I hope you can draw some inspirations from these too. Enjoy!

For source, click on image.

hAt first glance, I fell in love with the white cowhide rug. At second glance, the huge but minimal round light source made my heart skipped a beat.

h2These bare bulbs are so cleverly creative. Minimal and functional- my kinda thing.

h3I may be on a mission to add these clear acrylic stools to our kitchen work bench.

h4Wall art of fonts. Who thinks of these things?! Also, coffee tables on wheels kill me.

h5Concrete stove/fireplace combo is so ingenious!

h6You may be all out of focus, but I can still spot you from 1/4th a mile away. Yes, I’m speaking to you, chalkboard door.

h7This space reminds me of homes in the Back Bay area of Boston. Loads of character. The bright natural light is to die for and I adore you so much, letter A.

PS. If this were my home, I would probably replace the bulky brown leather couch w/ a stylish Provincial sofa. Just saying…

h8Loving the simple, airy feel of this space. So lighthearted, so shabby chic.

h9I want a black, beat up mannequin for my dressing room! Nuff said.

h91Another bare bulb design that stole my heart.

h92I don’t really care for the prints of the decorative pillows but I do love how the color combo of grays/blues work together in this room.

206039751673828416_9RQVa0V2_cMiniature lights around this floor mirror create such magic.

Which decor piece(s) stood out to you? Please share!

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Happy Wednesday!


16 thoughts on “All Things Abode

  1. I love the chalkboard door, I wish I had a good door to do this with in my home, it’s much easier to write notes there than to put post-it notes on the fridge. Also a fan of the coffee table on wheels, not only does it look interesting it has to increase the functionality of the room, especially when you have big gatherings and need more space quick.

    Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  2. OMG those photos are so inspiring!
    I just feel like tearing my house apart and starting from scratch 🙂
    Thank you for sharing x


  3. I like all of the bare bulbs though I don’t think I could ever do it. it’s something I enjoy more in pictures than in my own place probably.


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