Wedding Dessert Table

My sister’s wedding is soon approaching! It’s been a while since the last wedding (mine) in our family. We are all so excited for her big day!

I’m thinking of creating some sort of dessert table in the reception hall and have been searching for ideas. Below are some that has caught my eye, collected from my pinterest board, Til Death Do Us Part.

Click on image for source.

wedding dessert tableThis all white dessert table is so refreshing and almost zenful.

wedding dessert table2wedding dessert table4wedding dessert table3The butterfly theme is so whimsical!

wedding dessert table5Bright and cheery.

wedding dessert table6Loving how the soft colors pop against the white brick walls.

wedding dessert table7

wedding dessert table8

I think blue is a hard color to pull off at a wedding but this one works so well!

wedding dessert table9This hot air balloon theme is so unique and brilliant!

wedding dessert table91Love how the white wedding cake stands out from the rest.

What’s your favorite table?

Planning a wedding? Follow me on Pinterest for more wedding ideas. I will be wedding pinning like a mad woman in the next couple of months!



13 thoughts on “Wedding Dessert Table

  1. I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong, because at the end of the day, there is dessert on the table!


  2. I’d go for the third. Pastels just seem the best choice. They’re so elegant and subtle. I’m really curious what the table will look like! I’m sure you’ll make a great job!


  3. I love the idea of a dessert table, but that didn’t fly with my in-laws. Dinner is okay too though.


  4. A mixture of the first and third. They’re all so pretty, I’m actually doing something similar for one of my cousin’s surprise baby shower ;).


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