White Winter

Looking outside, one would have never guessed that yesterday was a white winter wonderland as the snow has completely melted away. Not a trace remained. That is New England weather for you. But I absolutely love it. You can’t fully appreciate the warmth of summer unless you’ve experienced the treacherous snowfall of winter.

This weekend, we are supposed to have winter arctic air coming through. It’s OK, b/c in just a few weeks, daddy is taking his girls to San Marco Island. The great thing about the hubs work is that he gets to travel (attend conferences and/or give speeches) to beautiful places and he proudly takes us along for the ride. Last time we were there, I was pregnant with Zoey. On the last night, we watched fireworks on the beach, which was just steps away from our hotel. Hopefully, they will have fireworks again this time so Zoey can see the magic sparks!

We’ll also get to spend some time with my family in Miami so it’s killing two birds with one stone. It’ll be so much fun and we are looking forward to the warmer days… and nights!


white winter3She is growing so big, it’s almost unbelievable!

white winterShe doesn’t ever wear her gloves for more than 2 minutes.

white winter 2white winter4If you are curious about Zoey’s outfit, here’s the scoop: ZARA waterproof boots, Old Navy tights, Children’s Place coat, H&M leopard earmuffs, wool mittens (brand unknown/ gifted), and Ralph Lauren dress.

Images taken by yours truly.

Have a great day!



18 thoughts on “White Winter

  1. Very cute… your little girl is adorable, and every time I view your blog postings, I get excited to someday have my own little family. I love reading your blogs via my email.. always a joy as I sip my morning coffee. Thanks for such lovely pictures and sharing your fun adventures with all of us! -Heather Decker


  2. She is absolutely lovely in white! Fantastic photographs. I believe I am heading to the same place as you in a few weeks. I am also heading to a conference on Marco Island!! Perhaps we will run into one another…I’ll look out for Zoey!


  3. Too cute!

    It is true that you can’t appreciate summer until you’ve had a cold winter but then I get to summer and I’m always like, “can it be winter now? It’s too hot!”


  4. Awe, she is too cute! Avery hates his mittens, so I got him some gloves, and he’ll actually keep them on. He just hates how he can’t pick anything up with mittens.


      1. Awe, I never thought of that. Avery wears size 2T-4T gloves and his hands just barely fit. I bet Zoey is much smaller than Avery so that makes sense 🙂


  5. Love this post, Kellie! When we had the odd Noreaster in November, I let Erin play in the snow. She didn’t want to keep her gloves on either. So I told her she has to come inside if she takes them off. She kept them on for 30 minutes! I was surprised she heeded my warning.


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