The Invisible Belt

Back in November, the House of Martin Margiela and H&M collaborated to give fashion enthusiasts a chance to grab re-edition pieces of MM from various seasons. I saw a few pieces back then but didn’t really give them more than 10mins of my shopping time (it’s precious!). Honestly, designer collaborations don’t  make me go psycho. 

But when I saw the skinny invisible belt just a few days ago, it was literally gotta have at first sight. LITERALLY (stressed w/ the Rachel Zoe pronunciation). I thought it was so ingenious. I’m always looking for a belt to cinch my waist (when those loose, flowy blouses or dresses that lack form don’t do my waistline justice) and deciding on which belt goes with a particular top/dress gives me a headache. This invisible belt will surely solve that mystery of having to find the perfect matching waist-cinching belt… b/c it’s INVISIBLE!

invisible belt3The best thing about this belt is that it has plenty of belt holes so you can wear it on the narrowest part of your waist or the widest part of your hip (for them low cut jeans kinda gals).

invisible belt2Loving the packaging. I’m a sucker for great packaging. If you have an OK product but your packaging is superb- you got me!

invisible beltThe problem with having 5 sisters? When I find a great piece for myself, I HAVE to also get it for them! If not, it ain’t right.

invisible belt4invisible belt5(Above, pic of me and the hubs on our wedding day at Rowes Wharf, Boston)

Damage to my bank account for 6 of these incredible belts? A whopping total of $15!! Can’t blame a gal for making smart and savvy shopping choices.

If you live near an H&M, snatch one up before they’re gone (forever)! As always, Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!



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