Banana And Nutella Eggrolls

My husband made some pork eggrolls tonight for dinner. Although this post is also about eggrolls, it’s not the same ones that we just had.  It’s a dessert kind of eggroll. A banana and nutella kind, to be exact.

If you love fried bananas, you’ll go BA-NA-NAS for this one! A really simple, quick, and yummy dessert to be served (warm) alone or with vanilla ice cream.

BE96Usually, when I do food posts, it’s about showcasing the final result. This time is a little different. I wanted to show the process step by step and volunteered my husband to be my photographer. Lucky for me, he’s great at taking pictures!

BE2BE3Here I have three different varieties of bananas. I used baby bananas for this recipe. The key is that they should be fairly ripe.

BEOur kitchen is the brightest space in the house so lighting was just oh so perfect! Natural light, you are my BESTEST friend.

BE5You want to use the small square eggroll wrappers.

BE7Step 1. Lay one sheet of eggroll wrapper at a diagonal. Spread nutella across about 2 inches away from the diagonal edge closest to you.

BE6Step 2. Peel banana (peel as you go).

BE8Step 3. Place baby banana on top of nutella. Fold diagonal edge of wrapper over the banana and start rolling.

BE9Step 4. Pause midway.

BE91Step 5. Tuck in the two outer edges and continue to roll.

BE92Prepare egg wash (beaten egg) beforehand.

BE94Step 6. Brush the end corner with egg wash to help seal the eggroll.

BE93Make sure that the edge is well sealed. Lay the sealed edge side down  (opposite of pic above) until ready to be fried.

BE95Step 7. Once you are finished rolling the desired amount of eggrolls, deep fry until golden brown. Approx 5-7mins. Enjoy with some powder sugar dusting (and/or vanilla ice cream).

BE97How EASY was that?! A must try!

PS. I’m so bummed that the Falcons lost- too invested emotionally, not good! The more you love, the more you have to loose…



70 thoughts on “Banana And Nutella Eggrolls

  1. step by step is great if you are using computer, but I am a paper person would like this recipe so I could print it out 😦


  2. Reblogged this on Chequered Leopard and commented:
    Little Leopards this is one truly yumm-a-licious treat that is oh so simple and oh so cute CL just HAD to share it with you all across from the popular blog ‘Le Zoe Musings’…enjoy! XO CL


  3. Thanks for checking out my most recent post! These eggrolls are beautiful and they look like they taste amazing too. I’m excited to start following your blog; I’m always in need of simple creative inspiration!


  4. yum, yum and yum…Did you today was world nutella day???
    maybe your post is in honor of that?
    thanks for stopping by runtontorun….Try my greedybread site too since i can see you LOVE food:)
    Hope you to see again….


    1. You will find that particular egg roll wrappers in the freezer section in most Asian grocery stores.


  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Nutella is the food of the moment for me. I have rediscovered it and there’s a jar in the ‘fridge. It probably doesn’t need to be kept cold but I don’t use it often. Great idea on the dessert egg rolls. I have more access to samosa skins. So I’ll try it with that.


  6. Banana? Nutellla? Egg rolls? What could be wrong with any of this!? Thanks for the follow and Like on my blog. Awesome photos, by the way!


  7. Wow. I love your blog. Beautiful pictures and these eggrolls look scrumptious! Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my post! I’ll for sure be back.


  8. Thanks for liking “spillage and for following my blog. Thanks also for that mouthwatering display of making the special egg roll. Many years ago – long before I became diabetic – I had the best egg rolls in China. I treasure the memory of them.


  9. Yes yes and more yes. I am on an egg roll kick lately and have been stuffing everything in those little wrappers but nothing sweet so far!! I am so excited!!


  10. Reblogged this on Raven Style and commented:
    My favorite girl is spending a couple days with me, she loves Nutella, not
    sure about bananas but I know she loves pineapple so we might substitute. I think she will like this one!


  11. Reblogged this on Life With A Rainbow and commented:
    I was going to write all about us recently moving Erin to a toddler bed, but when I logged onto WordPress and was greeted with this, I just had to reblog it, because, well, that picture is making me drool right now.


  12. Oh, those look so yummy. I love nutella so when I make it I would load ’em up with nutella…yummm!


  13. You had me at Nutella…….and bananas……….and “deep fried”……and powdered sugar…….and ice cream (you get the picture!!!!! LOL!) All ingredients in the house!!!! Yippee!! Thank YOU!!!!! Hugs, D


  14. That looks so good but I’m allergic to bananas. Meh. Maybe I can try it with something else!

    We used to make Banana and Nutella mini sandwiches for the afternoon high tea set at work sometimes and those were pretty popular as well.

    Can’t wait to see more stuff!


  15. YUM!!!! This post just made ms so hungry 🙂 ha-ha! Love these! I think I’m going to try and make this myself soon!!!


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