An Inside Look

Like most of you, I don’t look forward to going to the Dr’s. office. The everlasting wait (regardless if you have an appointment), the crowd, rushed receptionists, the noise level…just an overall unpleasant experience. That was until we enrolled in this state-of-the-art practice created specifically to serve the employees (of the hubs hospital) and their families.

The overall patient experience is amazing- no fuss, efficient, calm, and relaxing.  Almost zen-like for a lack of better term. Can you imagine describing your visit to get the flu shot as zenful? The team is very knowledgeable and thorough. They listen and care for you like family.

I visited the clinic recently. Below, I take you inside the practice. From the gorgeous skylight and cafe upon the building’s entrance to the self kiosk check in, computer stations for while you wait, snack bar (filled with healthy snack choices, juices, tea, and coffee), view of the city, and fresh flowers!

inside clinicNow that I’m not attached to Zoey’s hip, I can afford some solo shopping therapy time. Which was exactly what I did after my visit to the Dr’s office!


8 thoughts on “An Inside Look

  1. Reminds me a bit of the SYDNEY HOLISTIC DENTAL CENTRE. They don’t just look after my dental health but consider my health in general! They have a fantastic view from the 7th floor onto Sydney’s Hyde Park!


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