Refurbished Chalkboard

It’s been such a long long time that this chalkboard has been in storage. We got it used and refurbished it wayyyy before Zoey was born. What used to be an old, outdated, and beaten up chalkboard now looks more modern, baby-chic, and sooo Zoey approved!

chalkboardJust recently we took this chalkboard out from storage. Zoey is now tall enough to make use of it. She LOVES to write and color so the board was a natural addition.

chalkboard2chalkboard3Ok, so she really didn’t write “I Love Mommy!” although I know that’s how she feels. When we first got this chalkboard, it came with an ugly green board and beaten up wood color base. I painted the green board black using 3 coats of black chalkboard paint, which you can use to literally turn ANY surface to an instant chalkboard. The wood base was painted white with a semi-gloss interior wall paint.

chalkboard5A little snack after some hard work…

chalkboard6And a refreshing drink!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!



18 thoughts on “Refurbished Chalkboard

  1. We have a seriously outdated one in our storage as well – I’m pretty sure my mom had it when she was a kid! Refurbishing is a great idea! I’ll have to pull my own and see what kind of shape it’s in 😉


    1. Ha! Unfortunately, she is wayyy more addicted to her ipad! I guess it’s a technological world nowadays. But she uses educational apps, does that make it better?! Have a great weekend!


      1. oh dear! I am not too sure, considering that I know nuts about parenting. But I do think the 3d world is better for kids than 2d. Well, at least the chalkboard took some of her attention away from the ipad.


  2. Awwww I love this! By the way babe.. I’ve joined facebook, If you have a Fb account please just search “Lifestyletea” and “like” if you enjoy my blog xx


  3. Oh my goodness, Zoe is so incredibly precious and I love your style. Definitely revisiting for another dose of cute/fresh in future days! Thanks.


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