Berry Infused Heart Ice Cubes

Ladies (and gents), V-day is soon approaching! What do you usually do with the lover on that day? My fondest memory of Valentine’s day was a few yrs back.

It was FREEZING cold and my husband made me meet him (by foot) on the Longfellow bridge. By the time I got there, I was completely out of breath and so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers. He gave me a hug and I felt something in his pocket (way to spoil the moment!). Got down and proposed with three dozen roses. He timed it so we can witness the sunset over the bridge. Oh, the memories!

If you are cooking for your partner this yr, you MUST make the most beautiful and romantic ice cubes ever (for them drinks)

It’s all about being FANCY here…on a dime!

Here’s how…

berry infused heart ice cubes8

berry infused heart ice cubes9Ever made a purchase b/c the thing was just so darn cute? Well, this heart shaped ice cube tray was one of those things. Got it last yr and said I would do something with it one day. That day has arrived. 

berry infused heart ice cubes91It’s as easy as counting 1,2,3 to create these yummy, refreshing, and romantic berry-infused ice cubes! Put the berries in first. Add water. Freeze and use!

berry infused heart ice cubesFour different flavors of heart shaped ice cubes. You’ll surely win over his heart…this time! 

berry infused heart ice cubes3With the strawberry flavored cubes, I added their leaves. It gives it an organic feel and adds a pretty color contrast. 

berry infused heart ice cubes2I love this one! The lemon just brightens everything up. 

berry infused heart ice cubes5berry infused heart ice cubes4Next time, I’ll def. try blueberries with lime. I think the color combo would work well. 

berry infused heart ice cubes6berry infused heart ice cubes7Add these beauties to your water, sodas, or cocktails! Who says fancy things come with a high price tag?!

Which flavor’s your favorite?

Do give these a try this V-day!



52 thoughts on “Berry Infused Heart Ice Cubes

  1. A little late to the game but… nothing about it above.
    Did you crush the berries up at all before putting them in or just wash and place in whole (aside from the strawberries which obviously need to be cut.)?

    FYI: I never saw the trays at CVS – but did find silicone candy molds at Michaels if this helps anyone. (Not sure if they are seasonal.) I’m making your chocolate hearts this weekend – had to delay V-day celebrations due to snow.


  2. your so creative! this would be great in any shaped ice cube, give some drinks a nice touch!


  3. These are the cutest things ever! I really really wish I had that kind of patience. Or that ice cubes were shippable — you’d be in business! 🙂


  4. I love eating ice cubes! I think I’m going to love eating these even more. They remind me of the glass bubbles that have flowers or shells floating in the middle 🙂


    1. I used to love eating ice cubes when I was younger! I think you’ll def enjoy these more in the summer when it’s super hot outside! Refreshing and yummy. Have a great one! Best, Kellie


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