DIY Personalized Heart Artwork

It usually costs an arm and leg to get anything custom made and personalized. I mean, is it really that expensive to add on 2 initials?! This project actually came about while I was brainstorming for another project, which had everything to do with hearts and nothing to do with frames and initials.

I actually visualized several versions of how this artwork might work but in the end, I chose this version. Now completed, I’m happy to share!

diy personalized heart artwork3This personalized heart artwork is very minimal and simple but oh so sophisticated and chic. Not to mention, the level of difficulty is easy peasy. My Zoey who is just 1.5 yrs old can probably do this…with her eyes closed!

diy personalized heart artwork5Not only is this appropriate for Valentines day (for the lover) but also makes a great gift for any other loves in your life…mother, bff, and even baby perhaps?

diy personalized heart artworkSo I did this w/o measuring which is why it didn’t come out perfectly centered in the frame. I would suggested measuring if eyeballing is your weakness!

Steps: 1. Place letter stickers onto the center of the paper to be framed 2. Cut out a heart (using lace ribbon) that’s big enough to cover the initials 3. Put a tiny piece of double sided tape onto the center of the heart and tape it over the initials 4. Frame and send over to your lover!

diy personalized heart artwork2I got both the stickers and ribbon from Michaels. Frame from HomeGoods.

diy personalized heart artwork7This frame will live in my closet!

diy personalized heart artwork9I may also do something like this for my sister’s wedding. It’ll be perfect to frame the bride’s and groom’s initials.

Have fun trying out this project!



18 thoughts on “DIY Personalized Heart Artwork

  1. So simple and perfect. I love this, Kellie. You found the perfect frame for it at Home Goods. This will be my new project for the week πŸ™‚


  2. For a not so into craft person like me, this is a blessings. Thank you. Great gift for v-day!


  3. Kellie – I look forward to your posts every week – they’re a great break from the PhD student life πŸ™‚ This is a great idea and suuuper easy- I’m sure I will use it either for my wedding or just around the house somewhere! Pinned it on pinterest!


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