Our Saturday On Instagram

Hi all! Hope you’re having a FAB weekend! Yesterday was another typical Saturday for us. Lunch was quick and easy (sandwich + soup), got some new footwear for Zoey, went to the market to get food for dinner, and grabbed a movie on the way home (I fell asleep 10mins in- nothing new).

The husband made a fabulous sushi dinner while I hung out with Ms Z. Turned on the soft window lights for dinner.  The zenful ambiance balances out Zoey’s energetic, never sits still, won’t eat anything, wants to be on her ipad type of tude. After dinner, daddy bathed Z as I cleaned up. Nothing exciting. Just a simple life of a happy little family.

instagramI have a very bad habit of taking off my jewels and leaving them wherever. This has cost me many panic attack moments when I can’t seem to remember where I’ve left them for the night.

What are your plans for today? We’ll taking Zoey to enjoy some Chinese New Year festivities and then watching the game afterwards.

Have a GREAT Sunday everyone!

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13 thoughts on “Our Saturday On Instagram

  1. Your little girl is so beautiful and precious. All that food is making me drool! I hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend, Kellie!


  2. Your little girl is adorable. I also love the look of the stir fried broccoli. Very vibrant and fresh.


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