Early New Year Celebration

The Year of the Snake isn’t official until the 10th but yesterday we enjoyed early Chinese New Yr festivities at the Boston Children’s Museum. Despite the cold and snow, we still made it out. Traveling with a child in this type of weather makes everything so much tougher. 

chinese new yr93Weathering the elements with my Ferragamo’s.

chinese new yr3Festive New Yr lanterns adorn the wooden ceiling beams.

chinese new yr4Mommy + me duo.

chinese new yr5Daddy took this cute pic of Zoey.

chinese new yr92Behind the scenes of how it went down…

chinese new yr6Not exactly sure what Ms. Z was thinking or doing here.

chinese new yr8Afterwards, we stopped by our favorite newly discovered spot in Chinatown for dinner. These wings are the BESTTTTT!!

chinese new yr7Love udon!

chinese new yr9My husband’s favorite.

chinese new yrI’m looking forward to the official New Yr celebration in Chinatown next weekend!

Happy Monday!



13 thoughts on “Early New Year Celebration

  1. Oh yummy yummy yummy! That food!! Mmmm.

    Such an adorable little girl, love your pictures!!!!

    ❤ Jules


  2. Sorry, one more question… Do you use photoshop for your editing? I just started following your blog and I’m so impressed with the pictures 😉


  3. Hi Kellie. How was the Children’s Museum?! I’ve been wanting to take Avery but waiting until he was at a good age to go. Did Miss Z like it?

    Love all the New Year decorations AND FOOD! Now I have to go eat lunch because that made me starving!


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