An Untypical Saturday

Yes, we were forewarned that a blizzard was coming our way. However, that still didn’t prepare me for what I witnessed this morning. Opened our front door and basically screamed “What the F (freak)!!” Our car was almost completely engulfed in snow and the street was a complete blanket of white madness that was probably over 2 feet deep.

blizzard(via instagram)

This was actually our first time experiencing something like this. Here’s what we did today as we were basically stuck in our home. The only short distance traveled was walking outside to the street. It would be sinful to not have Zoey play in the snow!

blizzard day93blizzard day9I made this hearty breakfast consisting of crispy bacon, buttered grits (YUM!), sunny-side up eggs, sauteed spinach, bagel w/ whipped cream cheese, and hot cocoa w/ mini marshmallows. When it’s cold outside, a big breakfast seems fitting. Oh, and the two pieces of spinach totally categorized this as a healthy meal.

blizzard day92blizzard day8My favorite part is the undercooked yolk.

blizzard dayOur snow playing adventure.

blizzard day2My feet were kept warm, cozy, and dry!

blizzard day3Zoey was not as excited to play in the snow as we were.

blizzard day6Her mittens were soaked.

blizzard day4My husband made this awesome dessert! Enjoy warm and so perfect with maple walnut ice cream.

blizzard day5To keep my footsies and legs warm.

blizzard day7While Zoey took a nap, I enjoyed some hot green tea. Hopefully the weather will be kind tomorrow so we can enjoy some Chinese New Year festivities…

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!



27 thoughts on “An Untypical Saturday

  1. Living in the South we have only seen this a few times but one of them was when my daughter was the same age as Zoey. I took all of that time to bundle her up and then she was scared of the snow. The last time however she was 23 and she drove her pick up truck over to my house at eleven o’clock at night! I was so upset that she had done that. She just wanted to prove that she could.


  2. Looks like Zoey enjoyed the blizzard just as much as Avery did… he hates being bundled up. We need to get a sled though… did she like that?


  3. That snow is unbelievable. We had a beautiful sunny day here (but cold). Loved the pictures of you playing in the snow! πŸ™‚ Priceless!


  4. Kellie, you are so funny!!! Love, love, love that breakfast!!! Grits…..awesome and you can fix eggs for me any time (that’s exactly my style!!!!). I/we have been watching the East Coast weather happenings and praying for you all. Enjoy as much as you can but do take care……hugs…..


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