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Happy 1st Birthday LZM!

Almost exactly one year ago, I decided to embark on this journey. One that would allow me to share my obsessions, inspirations, and creativity with the world. The journey of Le Zoe Musings. 

For me, when I first thought about what the vision of LZM would be, it was to create a space that was calm, creative, positive, and inspiring. A place where my readers can come and forget that their days have been tough…if only for a few minutes. It was always about capturing that feeling. You know, the feeling of wanting to live life more beautifully. Whether it’s baking that high calorie (but soo yummy!) cupcake, changing the boring wall color, or adorning your decorative tray with fresh flowers, it’s the simple things that make us happy. 

Never would I imagined that it would take me this far…I’ve met so many wonderful people around the globe, worked with amazing companies, and built relationships that would last for a lifetime. Life is truly what you make of it. 

happy bday lzmLZM has also become my own retreat. A place to get lost and forget how hard it is to be a mother to the most feisty, stubborn but oh so affectionate, precious, and adorable little baby girl!

happy bday lzm9

“Thank You!!” to all my fellow bloggers and readers for making LZM so successful! I hope to continue this journey with you for many more B-days to come…




  1. Congrats on a year! You have a beautiful family and a beautiful blog. I love visiting you here.


  2. Me & Beirut

    Nice post, i’m gonna start a category about our hotel adventures soon, but i’ve never been with my mom, what a nice idea! 🙂


  3. Happy 1st Blog Birthday, Kel! So proud of you! Congrats on this beautiful and successful blog of yours. We, your readers, are continuously inspired by your posts. Thanks!


  4. bellissimom

    Happy birthday LZM! I have really enjoyed following your posts over the past year.


  5. Congratulations and I wish you many, many more! Thank you for making our lives more colourful and beautiful 🙂


  6. And Really can’t wait to see what else you have to share! Because truly, you have achieved what you set out to, and more!


  7. Congratulations! For me you space definitely is calm, creative, positive, and inspiring, so thats mission truly accomplished with one new reader! I’m happy you’ve made so much happiness out of it, and wish you all the best for more. xx


  8. Soo ahhhhmazing! 😊 Love your creative juice. LZM has been my daily dose of inspiration since mid summer of 2012. Keep it up kellie!!


  9. Every word of this is perfect! It’s like you’re speaking my heart. I just started my own blog this week and my vision is so much of this. I can only hope it brings a fraction of the joy and opportunities for me that you’ve been able to experience in such a short time. Keep on inspiring! I love it. Congrats!!


  10. Congratulations!!! I love your whole outlook with regards to this site, so wonderful. Here’s to many happy years to come.


  11. Congratulations Kelley! It’s been fun watching you and your blog grow and develop over the last year! Your photography and beautiful life keep me coming back and enjoying each post. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

    Emily Jeffords


  12. followmine

    Happy 1st birthday, LZM!
    Your blog always inspired me!
    Every single post brings me a big smile 🙂


  13. Congratulations and Happy 1st Birthday to your Blog! This is a wonderful Blog and I’ll definitely be back!


  14. Penblwydd Hapus! (That’s Happy Birthday from my native Wales!) Here’s to the next birthday and many more after it! X


  15. E.

    Congratulations! I only discovered your blog a few days ago, and already I am addicted. Stay fabulous.


  16. Excellent!! Carry on! You do a great job and we all love spending time around reading your adorable posts and getting inspired! Thank you!! XXX


  17. Congratulations Kellie and Happy Birthday to your little home on the web. It is so great to see such great success and accomplishments come from just a small little idea. We are excited to see more of LZM!



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