No Roses Here

Hello! How was everyone’s Valentines? We didn’t spend the night having a romantic dinner or anything of that sort. Just going out anywhere with Ms. Zoey is a challenge let alone having a nice quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant! Completely, out of the question.

Although we didn’t wine and dine, my husband did come home with the biggest bunch of flowers in hand. No roses here. I love that he thinks outside the box.

vday 2013aWhite Hydrangeas and a bunch of Pussy Willow.  He knows me too well!

vday 2013He always picks out the most appropriate cards and always write “- EM -” on the front, which is equivalent to hunnie/sweetie/babe in Vietnamese. 

We’ve been together for 13yrs and have kept every single card given to each other. It’s kinda corny to read some from the past…I cringe! 

vday 2013cI love that Pussy Willows look just as good dried as when they are fresh. 

vday 2013bI think these are the most adorable heart-shaped white chocolate truffles I’ve ever seen… 

vday 20133While Zoey took a nap, I jazzed up our bedside tables with my newly gifted blooms. 

vday 2013fOh I miss spring… when our bedside tables are always adorned with fresh florals. 

vday 2013hvday 2013iLoving this candle.

vday 2013gvday 2013jOn a side note, what I love most about our bedroom is that it’s one of the brightest rooms in the house. Love me some natural light. 

And the night ended with my husband saying “I have some good news and good news.” I looked at him and screamed “You GOT it?!! Congrats hunnie!” He just landed THE position of a lifetime.  “And what’s the other good news?” I asked. He responded “You can get your HERMES bag…or diamond earrings.”

I think I’ll opt for a black cavier Chanel in gold-tone instead. Much cheaper than his two suggestions. 

I’m the luckiest and proudest wife on the planet…



24 thoughts on “No Roses Here

  1. That red chair is just beyond gorgeous, your home is so classy and well-decorated. Congratulations to your husband, now just fingers crossed that my partner can land a job 🙂


  2. Congrats to your husband! And there will be plenty of romantic dinners in your future. But enjoy every minute with Zoey. It goes by way too fast!


  3. Hydrangeas. Such a beautiful and favored flower. I love the way you decorated it on your bed-side table. Especially love the white Hydrangeas and the Pussy Willow separated in the tall vases.

    Adieu, scribbler


  4. Tenure? Sounds fantastic Kellie congratulations? Btw when you have kids, the whole valentine scene changes. Oh and I love your bedroom.


  5. Awww, that is so beautiful! I love your flowers so much! He is a great husband. And to cap off Valentines Day with such great news and surprises like that is a beautiful blessing. You both are blessed to have each other.


  6. The flowers are beautiful, but I’m blown away at the beauty of your bedroom decorations! We’re moving in a few months and I’m so excited to redecorate and maybe end up with something like your room. So pretty! 🙂


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