LZM Birthday Giveaway (4 Winners, Ends Feb 25th)

As you may know, Le Zoe Musings just celebrated her (yes, it’s a fabulous she) FIRST birthday! “Thanks” to all my readers for stopping by LZM for your daily dose of inspiration.

To show my appreciation, I’ve teamed up with NAVOH to bring you this amazing Giveaway! Every fab female needs something fancy and compact to store her major credit cards and Id’s. Forget bulky wallets!

BDAY GIVEAWAYBDAY GIVEAWAY2This crystal credit card case is small enough to fit in your hands and pockets. Perfect for those quick errand runs.

A line of affordable luxury bags, NAVOH has earned their mark on the pages of top fashion mags. Below is one of their latest feature!

n2nFor me, the case is part of my city-strolling necessities.

n3Here’s the deal- FOUR WINNERS will be chosen at random. Each winner will win a NAVOH Crystal Credit Card Case in either Red, Royal Blue, Blush, or Black.

navoh crystal credit card case

Enter for a chance to win your own case, here’s how…


1. You must be a follower of LZM and like LZM on Facebook.

2. Leave a comment stating your interest in the giveaway and share what color’s your FAV. 

ENTRY DEADLINE- MONDAY FEB, 25TH MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME. THE WINNERS (chosen at random) WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE ON MY BLOG TUESDAY FEB, 26TH. You will have 48hrs to claim your prize, if not, you forfeit the prize. Please check back to see if you’ve won.

** Open to US & International readers 18yrs and older. GOOD LUCK!!

BIG THANKS to NAVOH for sponsoring this Giveaway!

(If you have a fabulous product and are interested in a giveaway collaboration, please email me at lezoe2012@gmail.com)


54 thoughts on “LZM Birthday Giveaway (4 Winners, Ends Feb 25th)

  1. I reall love your blog. You have great style and creativity in fashion, food, arts and crafts and wonderful photography. As a mom of twins the credit card case would be a great item in my purse. It’s compact, can be used casually or formally and its classy! i love the black one!


  2. This is the cutest compact “wallet” I’ve ever seen! I must have one 🙂 I would absolutely love the Blush colored one!


  3. What a stylish way to celebrate the LZM first birthday! I admired this case when you first blogged about it. I have to say that I am a fan of the classics – either the black or blush would work in with most of my bags and clutches 🙂


  4. Happy 1 year! That is definitely something to celebrate, as I approach 1 month!
    A giveaway is a great idea to celebrate…and I would appreciate any colour (i love surprises!!).

    Hope you did something fun to celebrate!


  5. Happy One-Year for LZM! Your blog is inspiring and you always post something pretty and FUN to brighten my work day. I have a small but growing list of inspiration for DIY projects I’m incorporating into projects from LZM.

    I would LOVE the black card case. I cycle between big, colored wallets that don’t fit in my jacket pocket for a quick run out, and small ones that aren’t quite as stylish. The one from NAVOH would definitely fit the ticket for pocket sized and cute. Happy posting to you, and looking forward to more posts – and perhaps a random win of an awesome, fashionable, and practical find:-).


  6. The red credit card case! It’s such a classic color. I carry small wallets like this with me Everytime I go shopping or even a trip to go get lunch while at work. This would be perfect for me to grab and go! The credit card case itself is a fashion statement and the red makes it even more FABULOUS! Red never runs out of style!! 🙂


  7. Happy birthday! Time is flying, I been with you guys here almost from the beginning and I want to wish you lot’s of inspiration and many years and hundereds of awesome posts to come!
    If I’d get lucky, I would prefer the blush case, cuz I can’t wait the spring to come. 🙂


  8. Happy 1 year LZM blog!!! Has been very nice following your ‘kikay’ posts, Kellie. I always have that thought of trying things out on my own, getting tips and ideas from bloggers like you. As for the case, I’d love to get the black! 🙂


  9. Hi Kellie! I would love to win the black credit case. BLACK is BLACK. For me it is the most the elegant color. This credit case will be perfect for my important ids and credit cards. I love to be organized and this case is the best solution. 🙂 Happy birthday LZM! 🙂


  10. Happy 1st Birthday!! Love the idea of a giveaway (which I would have thought about that!) 😉 I like the Red, and I agree with a pop of color, you can never have too much color when your wearing darker colors! Wishing you the best from here, and many more birthdays in the future!


  11. Once again congratulations on your blog’s FIRST birthday, growing up just as quickly as Miss Zoey! I am very interested in this giveaway and if chosen a winner, I would like the Red case so I can find it at the bottom of my purse – lol!


  12. Thank you Zoe for the great giveaway. I would love to win the red one because I think it’s a beautiful pop of color. I have so many black dresses sometimes you just need that extra bit of eye catching color. Also, I’ve never really tried a credit card case before. These seem like they would be a glamorous introduction!


  13. Having a giveaway for your blog birthday is a great idea! I always thought it was interesting and totally fabulous that people were able to collaborate giveaways with chic and modern stores. And I’d have to say the Classic Black is by far the most stunning!


  14. Happy 1st birthday LZM! This is a great idea. Having a bulky wallet is such a nuisance. I really like the blush colour. I’m looking forward to your next post.


  15. Hi Kelly! Happy 1st Birthday to LZM!!! That’ so exciting. My blog turned 1 month today so I cannot imagine how excited I’d be when (if) it reaches 1 year. I would love to win one of these cases because I don’t have anything like it, so my cards are always scattered all around the place, then some crucial ones eventually get lost. For home I just turned one of my Guerlain velvet pouches (that held the my 4 Seasons Bronzer) into a card holder,.. but that sits at home and isn’t useful at all for putting into bags. I would love the Blush coloured one. x


  16. Hi! Love your blog for random musings. I don’t use Facebook (so can’t like you there!). However, I would love to win the black Navoh case.


  17. Happy birthday LZM! I would love to take part in this giveaway! As a working student, it’s important the order and also the practicality! I would love the black case! Thanks,


  18. Black, black, black! Love this item! So chic and functional! Makes an elegant woman’s life much easier! Especially when she’s a mom & already needs to carry sooo much stuff wherever she goes… Minimalism is a must & very appreciated!:)


  19. I’m a girl who’s always on the go, so one of these adorable credit card holders would be the perfect accessory to make my life easier. I love it in black–very chic! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway.


  20. I’m a girl who’s always on the go so an adorable credit card case will be the perfect accessory to help simplify my life. I adore the black case; it’s very chic! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway.


  21. This is awesome! I would love to take part in this give away! I already liked your post about the case and as I am constantly loosing my credit card. I once lost it at Singapore Airport before a 2 1/2 months (!) journey to Australia… what would I have done without money at the other side of the world??? Horror Scenario but luckily there was a very honest person who found it and gave it to the information desk who then called for me….

    You see, I really really need this case as I would probably take care of this stylish piece!!!


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