In Sunny FL

Hello! We are currently in Marco Island enjoying the warm beachy weather. A very nice change from the bitter winter cold. 

Just a quick post to share random pics via instagram. 

lzmHandbag packed and ready to go!

lzm2Zoey and her ducky at the airport. 

lzm3After a long night of traveling, we finally arrived in Miami at 11pm. Tired and exhausted!

lzm4My oldest sis’s ride. 

lzm5Thanks to my younger sis for letting us borrow her car for the next couple of days. I’m digging the red leather interior. 

lzm7Daddy and Z ordering food. She is so cute in shorts. 


Tastes better than it sounds.

lzm8Me, sis, and Zoey devouring mini cupcakes in the car like it’s nobody’s business. I so deserve this moment…

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