The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

WOW. My sister’s wedding is approaching SOON! We are all so excited. We haven’t finalized how her bouquet will look like yet but it’s going to be pretty and chic.

Planning a wedding? Here are some wedding bouquets to give you some ideas. Round up from my pinterest board, Til Death Do Us Part.

Click on image for source.

wedding bouquetPerfect for a white winter wedding.

wedding bouquet2Love the sparkly additions.

wedding bouquet3Bright and sunny!

wedding bouquet4wedding bouquet5I am so in LOVE with these white peonies and ranunculus.

wedding bouquet6Soft pink and lilacs.

wedding bouquet7

Lots of pink!

wedding bouquet8This is such a cool pic- he’s holding the bouquet!

Which one’s your fav? Please share!

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26 thoughts on “The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

  1. I like the “bright and sunny” one and the one with the broaches (or whatever they are) added. I love all things sparkly! 🙂


  2. Hi Kellie, these are beautiful floral creations – being able to create is such a wonderful thing. Thank you for following my blog – I hope you’ll enjoy my images! Adrian


  3. love the all but my favorites were the one with the yellow and loved the pink one and the peony’s. I am sending this link to my daughter!


  4. Wow! So pretty on a snowy day. I’m planning a wedding for two of the characters in my book so this stuff really gets me. It’s so fun planning when you get to CONTROL everything! haha!


  5. The first bouquet looks a lot like mine from my Jan 12, 2008 wedding, so I have to consider that my fave! Thank you so much for this lovely trip down memory lane! 🙂


  6. Loving the 2nd one because I love non-floral details on bouquets and the last one because of the unique flowers used.

    For my wedding, though, the flowers weren’t my top priority so I left the flower selection to the florist. I just told her the colors I wanted and the style. I had a white cascading bouquet with blue accents and I asked for some stringed beads to be added. Some pics of my bouquet (and me):


  7. LOOOOOVE the white Peonies and Ranunculous as well as the black & white Poppies! They make me want to get married again!


  8. The first one is close to how I want my bouquet when I get married, except with a little more green and berries. the second one with the jeweled flowers is just heavenly!


  9. Ok so the white peonies and ranunculus bouquet is absolutely to die for! For my wedding I wanted peonies for my bouquet but it wasn’t possible because they weren’t in season so what my florist did was put in some garden roses which are also beautiful but my favorite is still peonies. Love this post!


  10. Love the hydrangea/rose combo. I was lucky enough to raid my mum’s garden and brought home armloads of hydrangeas last week. So beautiful. I had peonies, ranunculus and David Austin roses in my bouquet- many,many years ago. Have fun with the bouquets!


  11. Not into wedding at all but the second bouquet is amazing, love the details. At least now I have an idea of how my wedding bouquet would be like 😉


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