Clawfoot Tubs

As of late, I’ve been a bit obsessed over Clawfoot Tubs. There’s something so simplistic yet fancy, romantic, and Parisian about them that I absolutely adore.

I wished that our bathroom had one! Here are some to feast your eyes on from my Pinterest board, Abode.

Click on image for source.

clawfoot tubclawfoot tub2clawfoot tub3clawfoot tub4clawfoot tub5clawfoot tub6clawfoot tub8clawfoot tub7clawfoot tub9clawfoot tub92clawfoot tub93What’s your take on Clawfoot Tubs?



16 thoughts on “Clawfoot Tubs

  1. Hi lezoemusings

    The above collection of pics are very nice. I would like to add some accessories to those claw foot tubs like Tybee stripe bath rug and showers head. Adding such accessories to your bathtub actually transform your bathtub from traditional to modern one.



  2. They’re so fancy, I wish I had one! My friend’s dorm has a room with one in it that people can just go take a bath in. I’m considering trying to get her to let me sneak in and use it.


  3. Love them, especially when they’re placed in the center of the bathroom. It makes such a luxurious statement! I think the wood tub and the green tub are tied for my favorites.


  4. LOVE. My mother had a big dream always to have one, and they found an old one, fixed it up, and now my son takes baths in it when he visits!


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