A Day On Marco Island

It’s 6am here on Marco Island and I’m as awake as can be.

Yesterday was almost a perfect day. We finally have our old Zoey back, the one who’s a bit of a rascal, can’t live without her ipad, and loves digging through mommy’s things. Truthfully, I was so anxious and happy to see her acting normal again b/c she hasn’t been feeling well for the last few days. 

Having one of my sis here with us has been a blessing. Yesterday while the hubs attended a conference, us girls started the day with a morning beach stroll. Here are tidbits of our day via instagram

mi1Zoey taking her morning nap at the beach. 

mi2Uniformed beach umbrellas. 

mi3In the early afternoon, I enjoyed coconut water, a mini cupcake, and an old book on the balcony. 

mi6It was time to go pick up the husband so we hung out at the beach where we was at until his meeting was over. 

mi4My accessories for the day. 

mi5These Joan&David snakeskin sandals are sooo comfy!


The husband finally finished and joined us at the beach. 

mi9Heading to dinner.

mi91Arrived at Bistro Soleil, a French restaurant.

Excuse the horrible night lighting in the next couple of photos. I refuse to use flash w/ cell phone pics…you lose the ‘feeling’. 

mi92I LOVE going to French restaurants! The ambiance is always so chic and magical. Bistro Soleil was about 4 times bigger inside than it appeared. Chandeliers softly lit the restaurant. Live French Jazz filled the space, completely transcending. 



Buttered herb escargots and mussels to start.

mi95Sis had steak frites, hubs had lamb, and I had tilapia with crab meat topped with a buttered caper sauce. 

mi96After dinner, daddy slow danced with Z.

mi97And so did mommy…

mi99Disco ball lit up the dance floor. 

mi991Family fun times! The night was amazing.

Thank you for stopping by and have a GREAT weekend!



15 thoughts on “A Day On Marco Island

  1. Ahh I miss Marco Island, it’s one of my favorites. When Zoey gets older you should rent jet-skis there – the waters there are beautiful to ride on (and addicting-ly fun if there are enough watercrafts out there to make some sizeable waves).


  2. It looked like you had so much fun and all of the food looks good. Bistro Soleil…II definitely have to see if there is one closer to where I live. Zoe looks adorable, love the picture when she is sleeping on your stomach.

    Adieu, scribbler


  3. For being a source of inspiration to me, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award.
    If you have recently been nominated for this award OR if you’re not keen on participating in the process, please feel free to accept my appreciation of your talent and desire to point others in your direction. I think you’re FABULOUS! with no strings attached. 🙂


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