Sunset On Marco Island

Back from a week long trip to Marco Island / Miami! It was nice spending much needed time with the family and bonding over noisy late night dinners. 

We (the sisters) spent the entire day with our mother yesterday. Destinations included a visit to sis’s wedding venue, an overpriced and not so impressive lunch, cupcake pit stop, and hrs of shopping for that perfect dress for the sis’s wedding. Started at noon and finished at 8pm. Utter exhaustion!

Anyhow, here are some beach pics on Marco Island. My sister and I took a stroll along the beach to catch the sunset. Breathless and peaceful…

marco island sunset

My casual beach attire. 

marco island sunset3

I am currently mildly obsessed with mint, aqua, and sea foam colors. Are you a fan?

marco island sunset4Goodbye sun!

marco island sunset5Excuse my not-so-cute toes. 

marco island sunset2Everyday should end like this!

And although the weather was absolute paradise, it feels so good coming home to our cozy abode. More pics to share from the trip later.

Live life beautifully!



15 thoughts on “Sunset On Marco Island

  1. My family used to go to Marco Island when I was younger. It was still an unknown gem then. I haven’t been back in years. It still looks beautiful! Nice photography!


  2. Absolutely a fan of anything with a hint of Tiffany Blue! About to take the same colour northwards for my daughters wedding on Magnetic Island, with a good dollop of silver and sparkly in the mix as well 🙂


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