Chocolate And Tea

What a gloomy Friday it has been! Hope the weather on your side is kinder to you. These are the days when I’m usually lost in tea and chocolate.

tea and chocolateAside from the tempting flavor, I bought this tea b/c I was so drawn to the pretty packaging. Hey English Tea Shop- You got me!

tea and chocolate2To those who are suffering from a broken heart, battling depression, hating the weather (me!), etc…I recommend some serious chocolate indulgence. And please consume at your own risk. Don’t blame me if your waistline expands a size or two.

tea and chocolate3Lastly, what’s on your dinner menu tonight? I’m making some Japanese food: Avocado Eel Rolls (I LOVE both avocado and bbq eel!!), miso soup (this weather demands soup…), and sea-salted edamame (for healthy reasons).

Want to see how it all comes together? I will be instagramming the yumminess. Follow me here!

As always, enjoy your weekend!



22 thoughts on “Chocolate And Tea

  1. I love English Tea Shop tea! I get it at TJ Maxx all the time. I’m eating a Mango Peach right now that is very good. I cannot think of the brand, but there is a very good dark chocolate with cherries and chilies. Great with wine and rainy days.


  2. They say the way a person writes tells a lot about them—your mix of cursive and print is fun and sassy! I love it. P.S. pomegranate rooibos and acai sounds to die for. Miaaam!


  3. Oh, great idea, miso soup would actually be perfect right now, so I think I’ll have that for dinner as well πŸ™‚ Have a nice afternoon/evening!


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