Speechless Over Leopard!

Hello! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend! Today, we did many fun things with Zoey but the major event that stood out was taking her to our absolute favorite fabric store. It was her first time and she acted like she was in a candy store! 

zoey fabricHere, she’s picking out fabric…and loving the sparkly sequin one. 

zoey fabric2Afterwards, at the upholstery section, she went speechless over the leopard print!

zoey fabric3So happy!

zoey fabric4Refuses to leave the leopard’s side…

I’m looking forward to making more trips to the fabric store with Ms. Zoey!

All images via instagram



26 thoughts on “Speechless Over Leopard!

  1. She is so cute! I think I did the same thing in the fabric store at her age. It’s just so exciting.


  2. You know, I was thinking the other day that I missed glamour, and then I thought of you… your blog is glamerous and reminds me of those decades where glam was the ultimate in chic. You combine them both… and I think it is no coincidence that your little one is so attracted to the fabrics! What fun you two are looking forward to together!!


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