Zoey’s Handmade Crochet Kitty

Zoey has never been attached to stuffed animals. Truthfully, I wished that wasn’t the case because I would like for her to find a ‘comfort’ friend to hug and love aside from mommy’s left hip. I always thought that maybe she was too young to appreciate and embrace new friends. 

Or maybe… she’s just playing hard to get.

I’m happy to share that things has changed. Lately, Zoey has been loving her monkeys, dogs, and most recently, her handmade crochet kitty.

kitty5The talented maker of this crochet kitty is Amanda from AmandaJoCrafts. If you knew all of Amanda’s pursuits, you would think that she’s superwoman…

A full-time office assistant by day, a full-time Master’s student in Writing and Publishing by night, AND an all-time creator of Amandajocrafts, her etsy store where you can find anything from crocheted teddy bears to lacey scarves to Victorian-styled fingerless gloves!


Zoey was born in the year of the cat, so this crochet kitty was just so perfect for her. What made it more special? The colors and ribbon were all custom selected. 

kitty2This picture kills me. This is Zoey’s version of say “cheese!”

kitty6There is something to be said about all things handmade. The quality and feel are superior. Not to mention, each item is uniquely created!


kitty3I’m delighted that Zoey has found a new best friend!

kitty7“Thanks!” Amanda for such a precious piece. I’m sure Zoey will cherish and love this yet to be named kitty for many years to come! And I’m just so excited to have kitty travel along with us to our future fabulous destinations. Perhaps Paris will be her first international trip?!

Click here to visit Amandajocrafts, where all items are made with love, attention, and devotion to cuteness!



14 thoughts on “Zoey’s Handmade Crochet Kitty

  1. This little cat reminds me of my absolute fav toy when I was a kid, a little crocheted seal called Sammy. I would not ever be separated from him, in fact I still have him! He got so worn out from me taking him everywhere my mum crocheted a new seal for me, but I knew the difference and would have him! I love how happy Zoey looks with her cat, it’s so lovely how happy children can be with so little.


  2. That is so cute! I made a whole bunch of those once. They’re really fun to put together. I love how happy Zoe looks with it.


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