DIY Bride & Groom Toasting Flutes

Time’s ticking. It’s getting down to the wire. My sister’s wedding is around the corner and there are tons of little details to perfect. At first, she called my dad “the bridezilla” and now it seems like that label has been passed down to me.

The bride, herself is fairly calm and collective. My father, me, and my oldest sister? Another story. Operating on wedding mode, I’ve lost sleep and wedding stuff is ALL I think about 23hrs/day. The other hour is dedicated to Zoey.

On the brighter side, at least it’s not my wedding b/c that event was the most exhausting thing me and my husband have ever experienced. Of course, we enjoyed our day but the weeks leading up to the big day were pure chaos. This is because I’m quite a perfectionist and my husband? Much more of a perfectionist than I can ever be. Imagine, us two together. YIKES.

Anyhow, I just finished making the bride & groom toasting flutes and want to share. I’m sure you’ve probably seen this project floating around the web (that’s how I got the idea). It’s really simple but makes such a unique impact.

diy toasting flutes6Another project to check off my ridiculously long to do list!

diy toasting flutes2Groom supplies: wide (1.25 inch) ribbon, narrow ribbon (.75 inch), black velvet (1 inch) ribbon, buttons, toasting flute

Using the ribbons, make the shirt collar, shirt, and bow tie as seen above.

diy toasting flutesUsing a glue gun, glue all the pieces to the flute.

diy toasting flutes4My groom is looking pretty sharp!

diy toasting flutes3Bride supplies: tulle, white decorative ribbon, accent jewel, toasting flute

diy toasting flutes 8Again, use a glue gun to glue all the pieces to the flute.

diy toasting flutes91What a perfect pair!

diy toasting flutes9

diy toasting flutes8I’ll share more wedding projects as time permits…

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26 thoughts on “DIY Bride & Groom Toasting Flutes

  1. wow~ I didn’t know there was such a project floating around… we have been doing it for our annual gatherings whenever we need toasting flute, so that it suits each theme and character.


  2. I hear you on the exhaustion. I was so glad when our wedding was over! Glad we only do it once. Thanks for the great ideas and hope you get some much needed zzz 🙂


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