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About The LZM Girl


wishes she lived in Paris. loves hearing raindrops against the window pane. WANTS TO GET LOST IN A BOOK. adores her little girl, Zoey. has a thing for white interior. EATS FOODS THAT ARE UNKIND TO HER WAISTLINE. is married to the most wonderful, talented man. a creative at heart. HAS A SELECTIVE MEMORY. sleeps early. wakes up early. favors the froth part of a cappuccino. 

kellie of le zoe musingsNOT A MOVIE-GOER. a fan of the mindy project, hart of dixie, & the  bachelor (it’s always the most dramatic season- yet!), paints her nails when she’s experiencing a case of the blahsDREAMS ABOUT MOVING INTO A PENTHOUSE LOFT-LIKE CONDO. listens to french jazz when it’s gloomy out. feels at home in her city, Boston. HAS A LOVE AFFAIR W/ ACCESSORIES. has freckles. says she’ll send out Christmas cards each year- but never does. wants to take all her sisters + mother for afternoon tea at the Taj. 

kellie of le zoe musings3gave red lipcolor a try but she will always strut them pale chalk-like pink lips. goes crazy over petite white dishes.  BLOOM FAV- PEONIES. can throw a nice intimate dinner party. brags about her husband’s cooking. USES PHOTOSHOP + ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR EVERY SINGLE DAY. enjoys simple pleasures. can make an ordinary image look very extraordinary. LOVES TO TAKE PICTURES BUT NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. wishes her hair was twice as voluminous. 

kellie of le zoe musings2can be patient but is known to have very impatient tendencies. LEARNED HOW TO SEW FROM HER MOTHER. thinks mommyhood is the most challenging job- ever. FEELS ACCOMPLISHED WHEN SHE SCORES A BARGAIN. strolls the city occasionally-  solo. wants to cover one huge wall with a fabulous bold wallpaper print. IS TEA-OBSESSED. hits the gym- never. grilled bone marrow, uni, seared fois grois + truffles are some yum. desperately craves the hermes collier de chien cuff bracelet– in multiple colors. HAS EARNED 3 DEGREES- 2 BACHELORS + A DOCTORATE. 

Just wanted to share some random tidbits about me…




  1. I love your blog…the way you write, your pictures, your love for the finer things in life…keep writing…keep posting…I’ll keep following. Cheers!


  2. eehbahmum

    Your pictures are amazing! Wish my life looked so stylish. Enjoying your blog lots it’s brightening up a very dreary afternoon here in Yorkshire.


  3. I love this, I aspire to take photographs as unprofessionally well as you! I’d love to know what your degrees are in 🙂


  4. For Vanity's Sake

    You had me at Mindy Project and The Bachelors 🙂 Fabulous blog and you are gorgeous miss.


  5. I am in love with your blog. Side note, I just started on wordpress and I want to put my pinterest, instagram etc. on here…how do i do that? 🙂


  6. I have been following since you were featured by WordPress and love how you constantly evolve. Congrats again on your beautiful work!


  7. I love that blazer! I have been looking for one everywhere but I can’t find any with a shorter waistline and 3/4 length sleeve! Where did you get it??


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