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A Hammock Moment

Hammock. Beach. Sunset. Loved ones.

I couldn’t ask for more.

hammock4(Marco Island, a few weeks ago)

Zoey is the sweetest child and is growing up too fast. Wishing that time stood still.

hammock2At that time, Zoey wasn’t feeling too well. But now, she’s up and running like a wild child again!

hammock3Smiling at the hubs as he walks towards us. We’ve been waiting for him to head out to dinner…

Enjoy your Sunday!

** images via my sister, X w/ Canon 5D mark ii




  1. So lovely, dear Kelli. Thank you for allowing these little glimpses and, yes, the little ones grow up so fast! Each moment is so precious……Blessings, Doreen


  2. Gorgeous photos, Kellie. Especially the third one. Wish you a great start into the new week!


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