SNAPSHOTS- My First Digital Publication!

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well. It’s been a tough couple of days as the hubs has been inundated with work and me trying to finish this magazine (finally!), collaborating with new partners, taking care of a semi-not-feeling-so-well-superwhiny Zoey, and packing for our upcoming trip this weekend.

When it rains, it pours. Not to mention, I probably have 5 loads of laundry impatiently waiting for me. It’s been totally one of those weeks filled with hair-pulling moments! Thank goodness my NYC sis is coming tomorrow to help me with loose ends.

Anyhow, I am SO excited to share with you this project that I’ve been slaving over for the past week. It’s been such a great experience to design this magazine- definitely tested my creativity and Photoshop/Illustrator skillzzz as I had to curate content, mentally draft the layout for each page, and execute the design.

SNAPSHOTS gives you random glimpses of my work and life. Some stuff, I haven’t shared on this blog so it’ll be new discoveries.

Please come back and let me know what you think. Also, would you like to read more digital publications from LZM?

If you LOVE it, don’t forget to share with your peeps on FB or Twitter. Spread the LOVE!

Sip on a cup of tea or coffee AND ENJOY!!

(Click on image below to read SNAPSHOTS)


expand snapshots

Have a great night!

** Cover image taken by my sis, X. There’s something so simplistic and vintage about a black + white image…


49 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS- My First Digital Publication!

  1. I absolutely adore all of your work. I’m upset with myself for being the last person on earth to have found your blog! haha Everything that you post has…substance and elegance. Keep up the excellency!


  2. I really like your magazine. Will you try to take it national? Also, how do you get your images to span both pages? That is something I have not been able to figure that out to save my life. Your help is much appreciated.


  3. The photographs in your magazine are beautiful! I’d read more digital publications of LZM. My dream is to write for a beauty, cooking, lifestyle magazine. For you to have created your own magazine is such an accomplishment! Great work.



  4. i love your blog and the magazine is amazing. I really love your pictures!
    I am a graphic designer from Spain and i think i your magazing is going to inspire me a lot!! than you!
    By the way, your baby is so cute!!Enjoy her!


  5. Hi Kellie! I just read Snapshots while enjoying my morning coffee. I just love your new publication! Everything you do is so beautiful and elegant. I hope you plan to publish more magazines, I definitely will look forward to them!


  6. Please contact me. I have been trying to do this for the longest! I have an account but i was told that it couldn’t link to wordpress please contact me and I will leave you my number or inbox me


  7. What a gorgeous digital publication. Thanks so much for sharing with your readers. I love your blog too. I have already shared your blog with my friends! Cannot wait for the next edition. Congrats, again!


  8. Congrats, Kellie! Your mag is stunning! It’s amazing how certain events…or little ones…push you towards your true calling in life! πŸ˜‰


  9. Reblogged this on Judithsmarkworld and commented:
    I love this new venture of Kellie. What I liked the most was how easy it was to read it! Just with the pictures she presented. I am looking forward to her next issue!


  10. Hope to see more of your digital publication! I read it all the way to the end and was like, no, dun tell me this is the end! But it was … well, the end means a start of a second publication? I personally love magazines and think that they are works of arts and economical photobooks. Really glad I get to enjoy yours/


  11. That is so awesome! It would be amazing if this went further and became something in print. Congratulations!


  12. I love this! I’ve alwaya wanted to work with a magazine and I think it’s so fantastic that you guys did it! I would love to see more.


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