Curly Girl Design Stationery

There are some things that just make us HAPPY. No, I’m not talking about diamonds or Chanel (although lets be real- that would make ANY girl happy).

I’m talking about pretty little things that we use daily such as stationery. I first introduced you to Curly Girl Design (here) when I bought some of their candles. I swear, they’re the CUTEST candles ever. Stylish and so uplifting! Take a look…


Just recently, CGD sent me some items that are just too adorable not to share.

cgdI LOVE using serving trays to organize ordinary non-food related items. On a side note, LOVING my lucite coffee table!

cgd4Pencils are not so yesterday. I still believe in them (and I’m pretty much a digital person). These polka dot ones are too cute and each comes with an inspirational quote. Who knew that pencils can be chic AND fabulous?!

cgd7Loving this dust bag! I’ll have a cup of hot chocolate…half chocolate, half whipped cream please.

cgd3All my favorite things…

cgd8You need to check out their card collection, they’re amazing!


Notepad c/o CGD.

cgd2Thanks CGD for all the goodies!

cgd5Enjoy the little simple things in your life!

To visit Curly Girl Design, please click here.

And…stay tuned for a FABULOUS Giveaway sponsored by CGD!

Btw, don’t forget to check out my first digital publication, SNAPSHOTS, if you haven’t already! Click on image below.

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10 thoughts on “Curly Girl Design Stationery

  1. Thank you for introducing me to this brand. I love it and you have it presently elegantly. It would be something I would be pleased and proud to own.


  2. I love pencils too! I love them better than pens 🙂 Anyways you always make everything look so pretty as always!


  3. Kellie – love the introduction to this line of stationery. One of my favorite indulgences is pretty notecards. These are wonderful!

    Your digital issue is AMAZING! STUNNING! I was captivated with every page. Beautifully done!


  4. OMG! Thank you for introducing me to this brand, love it especially sinc ei adore stationary!


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