A Quick Hello!

It’s been a crazy crazy past couple of days as we work (as a family) endlessly to prepare for my sister’s wedding (only a few days away!). Although we are all exhausted it has been so much fun to get the family together for a special event. We’ve been fueling on A LOT of starbucks and Zoey has been such a cute little helper. 

Can’t wait to share more but here are some instagram pics from the past couple of days. 

insta 8Flying to the family. She’s my one and only precious cargo. 

insta 5My daddy’s little corner in his backyard. The man works pretty hard and proud to maintain his backyard oasis. 

insta 3This Jamaican pattie is so CRAZY yum!

insta 6Z and her huge easter egg!

insta 2Zoey and her auntie, the bride to be. 

instaStarbucks overdose. 

instagramZoey and grandpa enjoying his Koi fish pond early in the morning. Loving this precious moment!



12 thoughts on “A Quick Hello!

  1. Hopefully we’ll get to see some pics from the wedding! Good to know that little Z can fit on jet blue as carry on luggage. ha! That was a very cute picture.


  2. Love the huge easter egg, but the shot with her grandpa brought tears to my eyes… thank you so much for sharing your ife…. it’s a deep, personal, giddy, delightful, elegant place for a voyeur like me!!


  3. Thanks for stopping by LuvLansing, and for following! If you live in the greater Lansing area, send me any ideas or calendar events you’d like to see featured on here. If not: COME VISIT!!!
    your daughter is adorable!!!!!


  4. LOL that pic of Zoey in the baggage thing is too adorable! I’ll have to get a shot of Avery doing that when we fly in May 🙂


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