Congratulations To The Newlyweds!

Today is a VERY SPECIAL day. It’s my sister’s wedding! YIPPIE!! As you are reading this, we are probably celebrating at the reception hall right now. (This post was pre-scheduled).

Below is what we will be feasting on. My hubs shot their engagement pics in the Bahamas and I created the design for their menu cards which will be placed on each of the 500 guest’s table setting!

PrintOne side in English.

PrintThe other side in Vietnamese (yes, I can read & write Vietnamese!). It is very typical to have an 8 course dinner at our weddings.

CONGRATS Mr. & Mrs. Zhu. We are so HAPPY for you guys and hope you a LIFETIME of happiness!

And by now, the cat’s out of the bag, so I’ll share another great news…my oldest sister’s wedding present for them is a Honeymoon trip to PARIS! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!

Excited to share more pics from the wedding soon…

And Happy Easter!



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