Wedding Sneak Peek!

We had an amazing time at my sister’s wedding! The night was like a roller coaster, lots of emotional moments filled with tears and many laugh-worthy highlights. We worked so hard to pull everything together – up to the very last second. I was running around like a chicken w/o a head finalizing all the last minute details. In the end, it was so worth it and beautiful.

A night I will never forget.

Here are some quick phone shots from my Instagram

wedding2Her room.

wedding5A rose ball made by me and my oldest sister (we took care of all the flower arrangements).

wedding8All the girls’ dresses including my mom’s and Zoey’s.

wedding998Makeup started dark and early!

wedding999More makeup!

wedding4The bride’s makeup table. 

wedding3My sister Xanh set up bride’s table. Fresh rose petals scattered the tabletop.

wedding992In her red wedding dress.

wedding994She was the most beautiful bride!

wedding991I wore a traditional Vietnamese dress for the early celebration.

wedding995The bride and our mother.

wedding97Breakfast and dessert bar for the bride and her bridesmaids in the bridal suite. 

wedding99Mini chocolate expresso cups and fruit tarts.

wedding7A quick turn around shot as she was running down the stairs…

wedding996Putting her shoes back on.


My dress for the night. Lots of sequins and sparkles. 

wedding95Proud of my dessert table! The sweet love sign was very appropriate, mini-cupcakes topped with white hearts, vanilla + raspberry macarons, yummy truffles, red kisses, a centerpiece floral arrangement with polaroids (from the day ceremony) hanging on the branches, and scattered white rose petals and diamond confetti on the table. 

wedding94Lots of truffles. 

wedding93One of my younger sisters, Xanh (she was the commander in chief for the night- aka wedding nazi).


DIY photobooth room.


Dr. Yu is smart, funny, and a great dancer. Can’t ask for more. My brother’s a lucky man! Btw, can you also see the picture frame wall in the back right? Both the wall and polaroid were made by the bride and groom for the photobooth room. Nice creative concept!

wedding91Zoey and mommy photoboothing.

wedding92My oldest sister and her hubs. She was my right hand assistant. A peek at the bride in the mirror. 


Can you see the mini polaroids hanging from the branches?

wedding9992Her two wedding dresses. Notice Zoey’s color matching dresses on the sides. Precious!

weddingThis wedding card’s price tag was RIDICULOUS but worth it b/c it was signed by all of the bride’s 5 sisters and framed. We placed it on her wedding cake table.

wedding99993Cutest pic. ever!

My sister wanted an old glam vintage feel and I think we captured it perfectly. Pics from my Canon coming soon…there’s so much more to this night. 

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29 thoughts on “Wedding Sneak Peek!

  1. Hi How do you get the poloraid frame toe stay up. Are you guys stringing it to the cieling? Doesn’t seem like its there. Or are guests holding it somehow.


  2. Your sisters wedding looks full of happiness & love! I really love your sisters dress, it’s gorgeous, would you be able to let me know where she got it?! Thank you!


  3. Oh my gosh. I’m in love with your sister’s dress! What brand is that? I’ve been trying to find a dress like that FOREVER.


  4. Kellie, everything is in spectacular taste: I would expect nothing less! But the thing that really stands out is your pride in and love for your family. Congratulations to all of you.


  5. Gorgeous pictures. Might have to steal that photo-booth idea – genius! Much happiness xo


  6. Ooooo….so enjoyed the glimpse into their day! You all were important ingredients in the success of the event…..huge congrats to you all!!! Zoey is definitely her mother’s daughter!!! Hugs, Doreen


  7. Sweetie, thank you so much for sharing these amazing moments with your readers. All you sisters look so much alike & beautiful. Your mommy must be so proud! 🙂 wow. I hope the bride had an awesome time.


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