Just a really quick post before I start some mad spring cleaning!

More pics from the wedding…

SISTERSOur reception dresses (the bride, her 5 sisters, our mother, and Zoey’s).

SISTERS2I was the only one in a short dress. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS. Have you started spring cleaning yet.? I’m on a mission!



12 thoughts on “RED

  1. love the red. I almost wish I had worn a red dress to my reception, since my hubs is indian and its their traditional wedding dress color. oh well, maybe when we renew our vows years down the road?

    As for spring cleaning.. yep! our office has become a catch-all room and I was home sick with Avery two days last week and he and I ‘played’ with the scredder! (it’s all concealed so don’t freak that he was putting his hands to the blades lol)


  2. Love how everyone had different dresses but they were all still red.! Goes everyone the opportunity to find a dress they love!!


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