DIY 2 Tier Cake Stands

Ever since I discovered how to make dessert/jewelry stands (as seen in this post) on a dime, I’ve been a little obsessed with them. Then comes my sister’s wedding… It was just the perfect opportunity for me utilize my DIY cake stand-making skillzzz. 

dessert stands2This 2 tier dessert stand was among the many types of stands that I made for the dessert table. You wouldn’t believe how easy and cheap it was!

dessert stands4First things first…find a base. I found these multi-colored glasses at the thrift store for $1/each. 

dessert stands5I like them because of their wide rims. 

dessert stands6I knew those colors were not going to fly for my dessert table so I spray painted them a glossy white. Once dried, super glue a clear glass plate onto the rim. Stack hardcover books on top of the plate and let dry overnight. 

dessert standsI also made cake/dessert stands with other bases such as skinny glass vases as seen in the far back left and with low but wide candle holders as seen on the front row. The possibilities are endless and so cheap. On average, my cake stands cost me around $2/each (all items thrifted)

dessert stands3And to make it 2 tier, just stack them up! Cupcake heart toppers were also DIY- 1. punch out heart shapes 2. glue them onto toothpicks. Easy as pie. 

A closer look at my dessert table later and more wedding DIY’s coming …

Have a GREAT Monday!


24 thoughts on “DIY 2 Tier Cake Stands

  1. I love these too – I’ve been making them using pretty teacups as the pillars, but you have inspired me to try it with glass. I also love your idea of painting the glasses first.


  2. I am hosting a tea party this weekend and I was going to spend ridiculously on these cake stands. I’m so glad I stumbled on you’re post. I am def going to do a DIY cake stand and save me loads. Thanks a ton for this post 🙂


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