A Perfect Pair

Like most parents, mine have worked hard their whole lives and NEVER EVER buy anything nice for themselves. It feels great to be able to shower them with quality pieces that they can wear and cherish forever. We’ve made it a habit to gift them with matching his & hers items. It’s not fair to give mom something and leave dad out or vice versa. 

So this past Christmas, we (their children) decided to give them a pair of watches. 


This was how it all went down… I received a call from my oldest sister basically saying “We’re getting mom and dad a pair of Rolex and you need to chip in $$$$!”. My first thought was “WTH!” but then she explained that my parents deserved it SO much and I was sold. I mean, of course they do!
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date_GOLD_19.3k

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in Gold. 


rolexWe LOVE you, mommy & daddy VAN!



11 thoughts on “A Perfect Pair

  1. HOW BEAUTIFUL!! My three sisters and I always chip in to buy the big stuff for my parents, too! Sometimes it is quite an ordeal to deal with four females and their different opinions, but the end result is sooo worth it!!


  2. Wow, awesome gift. My mom isn’t much of a watch person but my dad always looks at watch shop windows. I’m hoping some day I can afford to get him a Rolex as well. =)


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