Spring In Bed

Today has been a very productive day. By 11am, I was pretty much done with everything on my list. So of course to celebrate, I brought some very spring stuff to bed. It’s completely a self deserving, bed-lounging, French jazzing sort of day!

spring in bed

I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve had a calm day where I can just be and not have to worry about catching up on things.

I’ve even steamed my blanket and pillowcases!! Who has time to do that?! I’ve gone CRAZY.

spring in bed4To be honest, I think I’ve finally ate one more too many. Now, I’m totally biscottied-out!

spring in bed2You know you’re getting a good dose of anti-oxidants when the color is just so pure and dark! Definitely will share some easy smoothie recipes…

spring in bed3You make me sooo happy!

spring in bed5I think my workstyle is a combination of both. Yes, I’m inspired by other people’s ideas and positivity. However, I also like to be alone 75% of the time. Most of my ideas stem from probably thinking about something and staring into space.

Can’t wait to pick up my Z later. She is sooo cute I can’t stand it!

Have a smiley Spring day!



16 thoughts on “Spring In Bed

  1. You have true style. A flair for the fabulous. An appreciation for things most simple. An eye for the beautiful vignettes in your life. Bravo. Virginia


  2. we just got a HUGE ice storm yesterday, after I finally saw my daffodils starting to grow! I hope they’ll be okay…. they’re my favorite part of spring.


  3. I like to work alone, too, and “bed” days are so luxurious… a mini vacation unto themselves just like your pretty blog today … thanks for the visual and verbal treats 🙂


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