PARIS, A Gift!

I think that one of the most rewarding things in life is being able to shower your loved ones with gifts. I’m not talking materialistic things here but rather gifts that would last in memory for a lifetime. Perhaps like giving a trip to Paris?

My oldest sister did just that. She gave my newly wedded sister and her new husband a honeymoon gift to PARIS!

We scrambled on ideas about how to reveal this surprise to the bride on her wedding day. When we saw this huge Eiffel Tower clock at HomeGoods (such luck!), we knew exactly what the plan was. Mission accomplished- we were going to create a surprised Paris theme table.

Here’s how it all came together…

parisThe first thing was obvious. The Eiffel Tower is known for being lit up at nighttime so we strung lights onto it.

PARIS2And to make it wedding-appropriate and romantic, we added mini white roses.

paris6On the tip of the Tower was a surprise note that read “PARIS, here we come!”

paris7Next, came a little card with my sister and her husband’s signatures.

paris4The finished Eiffel Tower!

paris5The Eiffel Towel was surrounded by white roses, yummy desserts, candles, and scattered with diamond confetti and fresh white rose petals. We were so excited to have our sister discover this surprise when she entered the reception hall!


paris92We strung these beauties from the ceiling. A post on DIY rose balls later…

paris91paris9Unfortunately, although my sister faced the table most of the night, she overlooked and never even saw it! We should have brought her to the table ourselves…

paris93It was OK though, b/c the groom (who was in on the surprise) announced the big reveal during the reception. A priceless moment.

paris8 So now not only do they have the memories of a honeymoon in Paris (they’re there NOW!) but also of this Eiffel Tower to be reminded of their special gift.

I’ve learned a lesson. When you are stuck on finding the perfect gift…think about giving an ‘experience’ instead. A trip to somewhere special and unique. It doesn’t have to be something as extravagant as traveling to Paris…maybe tickets to a show, a dinner experience, a weekend getaway, etc.

Have a GREAT Sunday!



27 thoughts on “PARIS, A Gift!

  1. I love Paris, what a wonderful gift! How clever with the Eiffel Tower decorated in lights, just like the real one. I am going to copy it for my daughter’s room.


  2. That is so neat, I too just got the gift of Paris, I have always wanted to see Paris and I am a huge Disney fan, so my husband planned us a Paris trip to see both. He drew mickey and the Eiffel tower on our chalkboard and it said “Paris here we come”, then surprised me with french style balloons, Mickey, flowers and dinner 🙂 So neat. I really love this idea.


  3. The gift of an experience is always memorable. I remember finding out Andrea Bocceli was coming to town to do a concert. Coincidentally, it was also the 25 year anniversary of the family business. I bought 4 tickets, for my mom & dad, my uncle & aunt. My dad tears up when he talks about how moving that concert was. Cinema Paradiso is one of my uncle’s favorite films, when Bocceli sang his favorite song from the film, he had tears in his eyes. I also did an easter egg hunt for my ex’s daughter. At the time she loved 101 dalmations. I found a pack of dalmations from the film, that were the perfect size to fit into plastic easter eggs. I even found these cute paw print stickers I used on them. She was thrilled as she found dalmation after dalmation. She was just as excited tracking them down, as finding her candy. The fam also visits the cape house during the summer, for 2 of my young cousins, instead of using a basket, I used a beach pail when I made up their easter treats. I also enjoy adding a personal flair to wedding & baby shower gifts. I follow the wedding registry, but sometimes I add a little something. For a japanese chef knife, I also added these great cutting boards I came across. For a wok, I added a great cookbook & cooking utensils. Last but not least, I love sending expecting moms mother’s day cards or flowers. It’s always a surprise for them, heavy into pregnancy, to receive something on mother’s day. All the pregnant women I’ve sent things to on mother’s day, have been really touched by my thoughts of them. Gifts are such a joy!!!


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