20.5 Mths

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well.

Zoey just recently turned 20.5 mths. YAY! She had a great time this weekend at Aunt Helen’s house where she got to ride in a wagon. Then on Sunday, spent the early afternoon in Chinatown for some dim sum.

ZOEYZoey at Aunt Helen’s backyard.

ZOEY2Zoey at a park in Chinatown. Her hair is getting so long but not long enough for mommy to put it into a cute bun!

More pics AND videos to share from this weekend later…

Have a great night everyone!



9 thoughts on “20.5 Mths

  1. What a gorgeous little one! My son is two. They’re so much fun at this age, no? He’s all about asking questions right now:D I enjoyed looking at your site. It’s so bright and really does exactly what you intended. It’s like walking into a warm, bright room where you can relax and admire all of the ideas and visual elements. Thanks for checking my blog out and for following me:D


  2. I can still remember how little she was when I first started following and reading your blog. And now, she’s grown a lot from then… I know this is not proper to say — but with this, I feel as if I’m part of her growing-up… 🙂 I wish you and your family all the best in life. 😀


  3. They grow so fact. I am glad you are enjoying every minute of her growing. She is simply a little doll walking,


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