Bright And Happy

We just recently purchased a bureau for a space in front of our dining area. I’m still not convinced that this bureau is the right one but it’ll do for now. I’ve spruced it up with some bright and happy things!

THE DRESSERAside from daffodils, I also look forward to the blooming of forsythias. They are so vibrantly yellow and I’m just a little crazy over flowers that grow on branches.

THE COCTAILI really like the shape of these tea cups. Like, really like.

WOOD PENCILSNatural wooden colored pencils. How cool.

MIT CHAPELOne of my fav pics from our wedding day. Since my husband went to undergrad at MIT, it was special that we got married at the MIT Chapel. Here, we are looking up at the skylight.

popcorn bowlsLove popcorn. Love ceramic. Love this combination.

THE DRESSER2White daffodils.

THE COCKTAIL2I don’t drink but that still didn’t prevent me from buying this fabulous book! The illustrations are to die for and I’m pretty sure that I’ll try one of its suggested concoctions one day…perhaps for a girls night in?

MIT CHAPEL2Our white chandelier.

Have a great night everyone!


23 thoughts on “Bright And Happy

  1. I love how this looks like a little altar. We have a few spots in our house like this where we put stuff on display but after a few weeks, random items get put there (out of laziness) and it’s a mess again. So easy to do!


  2. Oh that looks so lovely! I miss having a proper space for things like that. My current apartment is so tiny everything just looks like clutter!


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