Chasing Pigeons (FIRST Video!!)

After so many months of wanting to share videos on LZM, I can finally say…here’s my FIRST video!

Today was my first attempt working with Adobe Premier Pro. I was adamant about finishing the video and thankfully, had a great partner (the hubs) to help and guide me through it as he learns the program himself. What a resourceful person I’ve married!

Anyhow, remember my recent post, Spring in Chinatown? Well, this little short & fun film was from that day. This was also the day that I was semi-heartbroken. Zoey dropped my Ray-bans and scratched it!! Video description:

” Hope you’ll enjoy this short (and very FIRST)  film of us hanging out in Chinatown Boston with the Cherry Blossoms. Mommy + me donned some matching leopard pieces. We captured Zoey in the morning in one of her favorite onsies (obsessed!) and then ended the video with her taking her daily nap. Zoey had such a fun time Chasing Pigeons!

Video clips recorded by the hubs (AKA Mr. Perfect) and edited by me. We are both NOT professionals. We just kinda like to be uber creative! Camera used: Canon 5D Mark ii. Music: Sunny Side Up by Alumo”

For best viewing experience, please watch in Full Screen and click on HD. Please note: This is my FIRST time editing a video, so don’t expect professional! Would LOVE to read your comments…

Below are two embedded versions, first one from Vimeo and the second from Youtube. You choose! Also, here are direct links to the videos on their sites:

You Tube link, Vimeo link

Chasing Pigeons from Le Zoe Musings on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!


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